Miner "Bumping"


This would allow a cheap ship to bump a freighter to get both killed! It should definitely only destroy the cheapest ship.


(Start bumping those freighters with AT ships :stuck_out_tongue: )

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So you are a ganker aspirant afterall.

I’ve blapped many peeps and ransomed many peeps. Just not in high sec. Honestly if I wasn’t against multiboxing I’d be ganking peeps in HS all the time and raking in billions.

I’d just go the Cliff route and be sitting on billions.

Heh, that sounds like the typical PvP noob response from a nullbear who just presses F1 when someone tells them and now thinks of himself as a PvPer.

In reality ganking and bumping miners is probably the highest form of elite PvP you will find in this game. I think you are just mad because you realize how far away this end-game content is for you, given you are still doing entry level PvP in null.

Would your idea of elite pvp in real life be beating on crippled people in comas then? Because that’s the equivalent.

Wow, you think miners are crippled people in comas?

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Answer the question.

It isn’t tho. The miners are far from crippled. They have a failproof system wide radar that tells them exactly who is in the system with them.

That alone is an overwhelming advantage should they choose to use it.

Guess that edgy mask prevents you from learning simple EVE skills huh :smiley:


I did not know crippled people in comas are protected by an all knowing police force that can spawn right next to them in seconds if you try to beat them

I’m sure you never tried to gank an miner and you don’t even know how to go about it. But if you keep learning to PvP in EVE, one day even you might reach the skill required to do so

I am proud to announce I have just met the OP and that their ship is is fine working order.

Sadly I was not able to get close enough to inspect her extended warranty, but I’m sure I will get another chance :smiley:

It appears you’re right, on this character I have not ganked anyone. On others I have and it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to shitfit a catalyst and open fire on the first thing that won’t fight back.

Get the permit, just 10 million, that is nothing and it will pay for itself. All my alts had and have active mining permits.

There’s a very simple logic solution for “criminal bumping”. And no it won’t crash the servers. As per usual it’s easy to see who plays this game and the volume of grey matter present. I’ll come back and check on you guys later though I doubt you’ll figure it out And do a better job of pretending you actually play this game.

You mean they choose not to fight back right? :smiley:

In other words you don’t got an idea :smiley:


Huh. I sincerely hope English is not your first language or else…

…would look rather ironic when trying to cast shade on others, no?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, if it’s your n+1th language, fair play - your English is better than my insert language here. But if you’re going to play the intellectual card you may want to proof-read first.

You know, like I didn’t. Because I’m an idiot. :+1:

Lol, that makes perfect sense, your ship would have either a stupidly large kinetic energy (according to Newtonian mechanics) or an infinite kinetic energy (relativistically speaking).

Not bad. Early January and we already have a solid contender for ‘Most Poorly Thought Out Game Change’ award for 2022. It is difficult to imagine the amount of grief, and whining, and rage quitting that this would bring in. Two ships hit each other and somehow CCP has to decide which one to ban, based on circumstances that can be manufactured by the griefer? Amazing idea, brilliant. Not to mention the sever has to calculate ever single ship to ship interaction in the entire galaxy, AND the retroactive pilot actions that took place before the contact. Simply incredible. Well done. We will all be following your career with great interest this year. If you can come out of the gate this strong, no telling what you can come up by the time you really settle in in the next couple months.


No worries…I generally speak down here, generally. Oft use a conversational modus. You know for the hoi polloi.

Bring genius work to you guys ? We have a person here who thinks she is a queen and numerous persons who claim to have first hand knowledge every other player’s screen. Serious discussion is not possible, but the entertainment is … well gosh… that’s average too.

Huh. That’s a nice opinion you got there :smiley:

She’s a princess actually.

And I find it funny you say you have this big idea but of course you won’t share it. Cause you know a guy amirite :smiley:

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