Miner "Bumping"

The solution is to get a mining permit for only 10mil ISK per year and follow the Code.

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Yeah look, the whole thing is that this all looks kinda different if you are the one that has to do the calculations and the coordination so the target actually dies. Just shooting it won’t really do it. But if I look at your killboard you seem to be the kind of person who just presses F1 when others tell him to, so I don’t know if you even have the experience to compare different forms of PvP and their complexity in this game.

And there is that pesky physics thing (avoiding eye contact with goofy Eve physics) really small and light hits really big and heavy. Splat or boing.

But wait. What if both ships are through shield and into armor. Shouldn’t a collision be accompanied by crashing, crunching, wrending sounds? And damage?

But PLEASE, CCP. Ignore this and don’t touch THAT code set.

The Jita undock would be a holocaust.

orcas mass was superbly increased if idustrial core is running. So there shud not be any problem whit bumping anymore. For all other mining ships just orbit the rock and bumpers will miss most of the time.

It’s considered “kinky”.

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Because it does no damage.

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