Ganking, or rather the Right to Gank

(Galaxy Chicken) #22

Wow. That one little line I posted managed to coax an entire additional page of tears from this guy.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #23

Don’t bother in eve forums. Littered with the same trolls in every thread that just think anyone who has a different opinion is a miner or stupid.

(Galaxy Chicken) #24

I didn’t say he was a miner, I observed that it’s strange that a non-miner would post so much like a miner.

(Clockwork Robot) #25

Sometimes… Speaking with people who are obviously intelligent is worth dealing with the same metas, troll attempt, and silliness.

(Clockwork Robot) #26

Dude, its the vasectomy. It ITCHES. I’ll cop to tears. I want to bang a cheese grater so badly…

But that’d be as smart as flying an untanked ship through HiSec… :wink:

(Galaxy Chicken) #27

You should really go find a job.

(DrysonBennington) #28

Those who gank such as CODE are criminals. They take the property from others via their ganks which there is no sound reason that they gank other than to make others pay for their Primary Characters expensive ships and modules that like everyone else who goes out and rats and mines to make the ISK to purchase, CODE forces others to provide CODE their game time and ships and modules with the ISK that they steal through their ganks.

(Galaxy Chicken) #29

Are you sure there are no other reasons? What about it being -idk- fun, for instance?

Why do you feel the need to pigeon-hole?

Does is make things simpler? Easier for you to understand?

(Faylee Freir) #30

Yes this is all true. Is there a problem with this? Why would I want to rat, mine, or stare at charts and graphs looking for hair-splitting profits all day when I can blow up a few idiots and have them give me their stuff?

If you find PVE fun, then that’s cool. Lots of people don’t and you see where people min-max their activities so they can make more and spend less time doing it. Seems like the good ol’ boys in CODE just have a method for avoiding PVE entirely, while farming other players. Sounds smart to me!

(Galaxy Chicken) #31

Yeah I forgot to mention that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with people who do play that way.

I’m personally a selfless and altruistic Knight of of the New Order, fighting for no reason other than the privilege of bringing James 315’s vision for Highsec to fruition.

I can’t speak to the motivations of others, but it seems naive and exceedingly butthurt to try to pigeon-hole the motivation of an entire alliance.

(Clockwork Robot) #32

You really like that phrase.

(Galaxy Chicken) #33

Carebears like to pigeon-hole, shrug.

(Ho Ma Fan) #34

Pigeon-hole; schmidgeon hole…

here’s the thing: CCP create a sandbox game wherein diehard, “professional” gamers with lots of time, resources and friends of similar ilk can do whatever… create huge corporations owning vast territories, fighting it out with one another in HUGE fleet battles. Engage in all manner of subterfuge, scheming, backstabbing and scamming while empire building.

When not engaging in this high level game play, they can gank and terrorize newbies and casual players; any unconnected players that choose to do mining, industry & PvE… In fact this population, the despised Care Bears, are the “cattle” for the power players which CCP actually caters to and more so, IDENTIFIES with.

Yet Eve is a business and certainly wanted to attract new players to grow the game - after all, how many power player pricks are out there? So the pricks drive out the newbies and casual and CCP wonders why the population dwindles???

Obviously the game model couldn’t work. Let’s see what the new owners make of it.

Gank while you can, pricks.*

*prick = a bully who picks on those that cannot fight back effectively and then gloats about it

(Solecist Project) #35

The only bullies are people like you, who constantly create a toxic environment by attempting to put a minority of players into a bad light.

Can i write “■■■■ off” in C&P?

(Ho Ma Fan) #36

who are the “minority of players” you are referring to?

(Predvodnica LSG) #37

You forget to mention lots of real money in and around, where RMT is only one aspect and lots of Black/White/Gray/Illegal/“Illegal”/Overviewed/Beered booting, shady bussines all over game and CC…

(Ho Ma Fan) #38

CCP created a quagmire of a game for themselves…

  • a backbone of dedicated power player prick pirates with loads of multiple accounts which CCP must depend on for basic income (and maybe even perks :wink: )

  • a (wished for) ever growing body of new players & casual playing care bears to be fodder for the power player prick pirates…

How could CCP successfully cater to both??

  • their brilliant strategy? Tell everybody that “NOWHERE can you be safe, get over it” :stuck_out_tongue:

(Solecist Project) #39


You don’t understand, so i will clue you in with some real talk, because I really care about learning literally everything about EVE ONLINE and its society and I’ve been doing it for years. I want you to read this thoroughly and I want you to make sure you, like so many like you, don’t just dismiss the words before even reading them.

Despite what CODE wants you to believe, they’re just a tiny drop in the ocean. (sorry guys). Other gankers are literally unheard of. Existing, of course, but they too are just drops in the ocean. CODE members inflating their impact on society by drawing attention (they used to, at least) to huge amount of ISKs ganked by killing freighters is also only a tiny drop of impact on the population. It affects a single person directly (the pilot), and the market too, but everyone’s getting his collateral when it happens so barely anyone ever cares … except for those who continuously inflate these happenings, creating the illusion of a problem.

Ganking of new players is rarely happening, too. You are doing nothing but repeating a myth that started with Ultima Online and kept going on forever, being applied to pretty much every game out there including those where it isn’t even possible. Yes, seriously!

Just think rationally for a minute. If it was an actual problem actually impacting growth, people would get banhammered quickly. It is damn easy for CCP to run a script checking for kills of new players. I bet you don’t have any proof that this myth is actually real. Hard data. I bet that, like almost all who say these things, you just keep saying it because others do and because you generalise gankers into this behaviour.

The best part about this myth though is that can-flipping, back in pre-suspect state EVE, was literally a cultural norm being done to the vast majority of new players, which got them to stick to the game. Recruiting by shooting was a thing and worked! Even CCP themselves have talked about this and fail to find any evidence of what you parrottingly claim to be the truth!

There is more, too! Player numbers decreased over the years, always correlating with increases in security in highsec. Every time a nerf happened, players quit. The reason is hilariously obvious, actually:

EVE ONLINE is supposed to be, and well known for, being a game where you drop into a jungle of dangers. You can not seriously tell me that people don’t want to play this game because of the dangers pretty much everyone at leastonce read or heard about. If any of your claims were true, this game would not have any players. It would have died long ago. People join because it is so “real” and get your heart pumping. The adrenaline spikes this game can cause are unmatched as far as I know and “injecting” adrenaline is a well known way of binding people to this game!

The bully here is you. You are bullying a minority for not behaving in a normalized way. You dismiss these people, actual people, as bad and you do so without any proper evidence whatsoever. Whenever i see someone write things like you did, i wished i could make them see how toxic they are, and how they are continuously provoking others into equally toxic responses.

Seriously, you are one of the bad guys. It’s not them. It’s you. Tens of thousands of ships do NOT get ganked every day, do NOT get ganked every day, are NOT bothered in any way or form. Tens of thousands! Yet people like you keep exaggerating and inflating this for YEARS. Years! It has NEVER been true, except for Hulkaggeddon and Burn Jita, which are events and not the norm!

Stop buying into the carebear propaganda. Seriously. There is a good, very good reason why many who saw themselves as anti-gankers converted to the other side after actually learning how to both survive and destroy, instead of just continuously spreading toxic, baseless accusations on the forums.

We welcome anti-gankers. We would LOVE to have actually skilled opponents who are more than false shepherds continuously causing and creating hate without ever having anything to show for themselves but retarded chestbeating for whoring on CONCORD kills.

We would appreciate it, if you stopped bullying us. We will eventually, together, make sure that you (in a general sense) stop doing so and I personally have zero issues collecting evidence to get people banned for it. I did so in the past, I will do so again.

You and people who behave like you around here, you are the only ones continuously causing trouble and making the environment negative. We react appropriately, which then causes all these dekusional people (seriously) to see themselves proven right.

As a final note would I like to add that, over all my years here, I have learned that the grou of people we call “carebears” contains some of the worst toxic people ever. They do not tolerate our play style, they do not tolerate their need for self responsibility, they believe the world should adapt to them and not the other way round, they deliberately tell lies, exaggerate and outright create issues where there are none. They do not care about discussion and only ever care about keeping a topic up, to create the illusion of a problem. They’re passive aggressive and all in all horrible people. Sadly.

They’re mentally ill, and i feel no hate for them. Only sadness.

And now, Ho, do i ask you to read this post again, slowly, instead of instantly beginning the forming of a reply and instead of you just scanning through it. Take time to think about what I wrote and question yourself and your understanding of things, instead of just dismissing it because it does not fit into the world you created in your mind.

You can absolutely trust me when i write that i know more about the social dynamics, the people’s behaviour, the individual’s behaviour, ganking, gankers, carebears,the toxic subgroup of carebears … than you do. I have been actively learning since 2012, dipping my toes into it since 2010.

Sadly though, history tells me that I will be dismissed, ignoring or presented with a stupid one-liner,

Maybe you’re better.

(Ho Ma Fan) #40

One liner now: My perceptions formed over a period of 10 or more years differ from yours. Sorry.

(Predvodnica LSG) #41

Where is ganking of new players in WoW or BDO, nowhere, today any WoW can remove PVP flag and exclude himself from PVP and enjoy in real game. BDO very much protect and care about new players, they are protected till lvl 50 …
All serious games care and atract new players only ccp lost himself in HTFU philosophy which he used to buy time until been sold …