Some new flags/reports needed

We need a flag that’s [disingenuous troll - Not contributing anything, shitposting, or generally not discussing original idea/concept] for threads.


I agree totally, many leftover try-hards from previous forum pushing boundaries.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just stop posting on the forums instead of getting yourself banned? :rofl:

If you can’t take the heat, then perhaps this is the wrong community for you?

-1 to a feeble attempt at censorship.

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I cannot see any way at all of eve users abusing this to shut down unfavorable or inconvenient people from their threads. I got accused of this a couple of times from a variety of people and despite me always trying to bring up valid arguments against or for a thing that, granted, in many instances do not coincide with what other players expect or want.

This is the same useless feature that a Dislike button is because it is nothing but an open invitation for abuse.

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Maybe you should try that. The one thread you had was shot down by everyone.
You think that your opinion is the right one. You failed to prove this.

I lost an argument. CCPls nerf forums so I can get dank keyboard frags.

There’s a difference in “not being able to defend your position” and “intentionally shitposting and wasting electricity”.

AFAIK, the process is not automated, and assuming CCP has the same moderation tools as any cookie-cutter forum has, they can flag a post to ignore new reports to prevent abuse and mass-reporting. However, there’s currently nothing to prevent a disingenuous troll from posting a topic, and then attacking anyone who replies with slurs and insults.

Pot, kettle. You still haven’t explained why I was wrong in that thread. Oh, and it looks like you didn’t block me after all.

You just want to ban all the people smarter than you so you can be king of the morons. :rofl:

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Amusing to hear that from a Goon that lobbies for censorship because his argument got ripped apart.

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I’d love to hear your opinion as to what part of my argument got ripped apart. From a brief re-glance at the thread, it was me posting actual constructive ideas and explanations, and the OP hurling insults like a monkey does with feces.

Ad hominem attack. Attack the idea, not the person. 5 yard penalty. Try again.

You just want Local removed so you can get easier kills
Ad hominem attack, 5 yard penalty. Try again.
I tried to troll and lost.
Now I play moral highground.
Oops I can’t. :frowning:

Whether it is automated or not is irrelevant. The fact that people can downvote brigade someone and then make ISDGM waste time on fishing through all the things to see what’s going on is a waste of resources.
If that troll replies with slurs and insults, you can then flag his replies for moderation. You can also just block the person so that you don’t have to see that troll’s posts anymore … or wait, can you? Or was this functionality cut from the old forum, too?

Either way, there is no need at all for downvotes, dislikes or a very subjective Not Contributing flag.

And after the first three flag reports (5 minutes tops), he can easily see the rest are senseless, and delete them from the queue.

It was removed.

Except the troll knows to place the insults alongslide strawman fallacies to pass off the fact that he’s shitposting, so it doesn’t get moderated.

I think an alert of aggressive behavior, or inuendos of violence should be made. There’s been incidences I’ve heard. I went to check the old forums last night and was accused of being someone and to drink a litre of chlorine…not in the slang sense.

Wrecking balls like these need to be removed as it will cause the victim of said attacks to unsubscribe and cause a bad taste with people wanting to join our community.

Not to mention, inaction could cause them to act on their threats.

Oh wow… so another useful feature was removed. Great.

And how do I flag something to peek the interest of moderators? I mean I see the Flag icon hidden behind the 3 dots but the explanation tooltip of the flag is very confusing “privately flag this post for attention or send a private notification about it”. Indicates something else than flagging for moderation. And using it only gives very limited options, even without the requested additional option. Why can’t I flag for redundancy anymore? Or type something like in the old forum with a clear and concise list of things, like “redundancy, rant, off-topic”?

This turns things even messier than they already are.

“privately flag” i.e. don’t warn the user that you’re flagging his post, I believe.

To sum it up:

  1. You made a dumb argument
  2. Argument got ripped apart
  3. You’re butthurt about being outsmarted and lectured
  4. You now ask for tools to remove those people that disagree with you and bring logical arguments to the table, something you’re incapable of doing

Are you a Sion Komitomo alt? Are the next things you’ll tell us that EVE has no community and everyone, including CCP, is against you?

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Prove it.

[quote=“Linus_Gorp, post:18, topic:9729”] bring logical arguments to the table
Using strawman arguments =/= logical.

It’s in the other thread.

I’m not sure you understand what logic is.