Spam Flagging Legitimate Posts by angry ppl. The New Forum Meta

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Today I had the unfortunate incidence of learning a new style of gameplay on the forums. You see, I am a new player and probably a tad loud as I’m retired now, as far as my presence on the forums/twitter/ or 6 other things.
I’m basically training my alpha clone with max skills before subscribing which I think is a good idea. I think I’ll go to null in the end, as high sec leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I’m pretty useless for a week or so…from 0 sp.
Today I apparently made someone angry and they started flagging my posts with their friends. My posts were removed from public viewing by a bot, who will do so regardless of content. My posts were within community guidelines and it was rather funny to watch all the notifications come within half a minute.
They continued to do so I took to writing a petition, we will see if it has effect. I wrote a petition explaining events and was told by a ccp official they would look into it.
This is silly and childish and has no place here. I don’t think New Eden’s community needs to be bothered by a few malcontents. They are basically a nuisance and immature. They enjoy trying to get an emotional reaction from their victims. It’s too bad my emotional reaction was mirth.
Have a great day guys…try new tactics for “your” game. Nobody else here plays it.

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(Deep-Fried OnionRings) #3

This is the kind of garbage I expect. As this is crime and punishment, it’s up for more colourful language did they put it?
I’m civilized and won’t debase myself…but by all means.

(Divad Mahdits) #4

flagged, takes two to tango you know

(Deep-Fried OnionRings) #5

I believe flagging the author isn’t an option. This isn’t to invite clowns honestly. If it’s closed or locked I don’t care.
I just thought the community should know, and see how quickly examples appear to show that this silly childish behavior is indeed an issue that should have been dealt with long ago but we have to tackle a much bigger issue now because of complacency I suppose.
I am muting this thread. I’ve said my piece…

(ISD Buldath) #6

It should be noted that they are not taken down, they are hidden pending moderator review. Once we review it, we see if it is needed to be removed or not, and action is taken.

It should be noted that Repeated flagging of posts that do not need action are recorded, and the system applies less weight to those individuals who abuse it. At the same time, we see these things and actions are taken against accounts if needed.

(Deep-Fried OnionRings) #7

In weight are you referring also if they increased their infractions it will be monitored less?

(Ima Wreckyou) #8

Your posts where flagged for good reasons.

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Discussion of forum moderation is prohibited. Since you already submitted a ticket, someone from the Community Team will get back to you.