Well done mods for not doing anything



I’ve got one: CCP.


First post reported for spam. Jeez…

This isn’t your personal soap box, it’s a public discussion forum. Your attempts to censor opposing points of view with improper use of the flagging function do not show you in good light.

Why? Are you one of those or something?


Doesn’t this intent at ruining the scammers perfectly good reputations break some forum rule thing?


Ys it is my thread my rules. The have been clearly stated before you post. Don’t like it get out

It shows me in a very good light actually.
It uses the exact reason for flagging to self moderate.

3 options for flagging are.

Off topic

It stops people like you derailing the subject ie scammers like you. Why are you so bothered anyway? Oh because you are a scammer clearly
Reported for spam btw

Once upon a time yes long long ago I scammed some fools in amarr local.Was quite fun I must admit.Used the old double your isk thing.

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And then there was that time when I sold some fake contracts in my alliance staging with a neutral alt.
But I never made it a full time occupation in game altho I’d prob made a great corp thief with all the stuff I could’ve hijacked over the years.

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Also what’s not on topic?I am perfectly on it.Btw are you here to tell us of the mean scammers(most of the jita ones are bots) because you were scammed?
If you got scammed by a bot that’s pretty funny.

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That’s not how it works.


You’re the one who specifically told everyone not to post about Jita scammers…

Again with the improper reporting.

Basically it’s really funny you got scammed, and you should be smarter in future. Scamming is not a problem and that opinion doesn’t make someone a scammer, rather it makes them basically educated in staying safe in EvE.


There is a very old saying, attributed to Solomon I believe, that fools and their money will soon be parted. It is possible that some new players don’t realize that scamming is a legitimate profession in Eve so, if you get caught once, consider the loss tuition for an important lesson learned. If you get caught twice - I have no sympathy.

Exposing scammers is a total waste of time. With few exceptions, they are disposable ALTS and it wouldn’t surprise me if most of those are operated by bots.


Hi. This thread is not affiliated to CCP Games and can not be marked as “official”, so i had to rename it.


So we had 3 scammers already trying to derail the thread. Thanks you’ve exposed yourselves. Thanks for contributing to the community.

Have a nice day

OP is a Nitshe alt



pls dont report me Nitshe




While the real scammers just recycle disposable alts for spamming scams. And how easy do you think it is to polish an character to look like a legit character?
Some employment history of whatever corp-EZ
A link to fake or somehow legit API site-EZ
Some kind of bio, for example A CODE permit or something which should go to notepad, authenticity is not important because all your toon do is yelling inside a station-EZ
zKillboard-not that EZ but you can always say you are a research alt or trade alt

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Some scammers do recycle, some dont, some are actually corps and alliances, some are people in those alliances. As long as we keep the list up to date then its making a difference.

Thats why i left jita local scammers out because they do recycle and they are just constant double isk type things

Thank you that’s a much more respectful tone. I hope this is the last we’ll see of your impotent rage.

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