Spam officialy

Im officialy became a spammer and be blocked , a information posted every 10 minutes. even less.
Have no idea , few years old character Caroline Meava officially see a spam in this information. lol.

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People found it annoying and told you so, but you kept going…

Your message isn’t even grammatically correct. Leave such messages to the ISDs.


I post i 3 times , first 10:00 EVE time next 10:10 than ask for stop and last is a screen one. it is 10:45.

For the love of god, stop.

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I do not spamm at chat. Spammer drops crap every two minutes or 5. It is assault.

Use Rookie Help to help new players, not to tell them what to do.

If they ask a question, you can answer - but it’s not a soapbox for you to spam others with the ‘correct’ way to play. If you want a dedicated channel for your posting, you can create your own private channel and invite new players there.


I do!!! Aiko I DO NOT SPAMM AT CHAT , giving a information’s about game mechanic is a help!!
IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Here where i live i can be arrested by the Police because of it , It is official Network Stalking , and not so small in category of CCP. SO PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME A ADVICE what i should do. IM saying Assault. If CCP Got information’s and evidence They can charge me. Aiko you are not a Dev but a famous Ganker , it is Crime and Punishment part of Forum so please lets stick to official terms and description when writing something in these category.

New players many times ask about Down time [Cluster shutdown] , and many times ask for help when bug a mission after DT … in case of fake information’s.

It is spam if you haven’t been asked to speak, and you are repeating yourself. There are lots of people in the channel, and you need to be courteous and think of others. That is a channel for new players, and you are not a new player - let them talk, instead of talking over them. This is the crime and punishment part of the forums, so this is the correct place to accuse you of cyber spam. Just imagine if every ‘helpful’ person came to that channel and decided to spam their advice, the new players would be completely drowned out and unable to ask any questions or get any answers.


Is not , chat spamm disrupts a work of channel if we talk about in game chat , mean do not allow other players to talk and help each other. To do spammer deploy informations one after one to disrupts work of a channel if dropin informaion ONE AFTER 10 minutes is a spamm , i think some stop helping at channel they all the time talk same , repeating same informations. Have a nice day you became a spmmer officialy droping 3 informations 1 …2nd after 10 minutes and 3 after 35 minutes. BULLING.

I don’t understand what you said.

If you are repeating yourself over and over, in a channel with more than a thousand people, and you are not the target audience of that channel - then you are spamming. Your long paragraphs of text disrupt the conversations other people are having, and multiple people asked you to stop. Guilty as charged.

I suggest you get your own channel, you could call it Downtime Alerts, and players could join your channel if they want to hear you tell them the time.

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Aiko …read a spamm definition , chat spamm definition. Some theory about. Im not Guilty its all about.


Chat spamm.



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Tell me about it in this topic.

About this also

Yes friend, I am happy to tell it to you.


In that case you can copy-paste your information as an answer. To do so unsolicited comes across as spam, as you were told by several people. To keep repeating that reinforces their impression that you are spamming and unhelpful, leading to people blocking you.

I understand you meant it to be helpful, but that was not how it was perceived. So, please take the hint.