I so would like to return to Eve, but

PvP is blob bukkake or chasing until you run out of time and log out.

I unsubbed my three accounts half a year ago, because I realised that

a) I am not doing anything worth the while lately (for three months at that time)
b) ANY fights I experience in Eve are one of THREE categories
1) PvP Bukkake with various amounts of lag and chaos
2) some kind of trap on rails that springs to end in an OP scenario one way or the other
3) enemy runs away and cant be chased properly

Now, of course I know there is the noble 4th kind of those gifted individuals among you who know how to research an enemy taget rich environment and read it, as to pick a fight that is fun and then either run or die grinning. I had a few roams where we were lead by someone who knew picking fights really well too.

But…This is rare and reserved for a few that have this ability - I havent figured it out, even after combined 12 years of playing. In the last years I did NOT have the continous timeslices to maybe achieve it.
And frankly - if I have to search 2-3 hours for a proper fight then I may just spend my time grinding away at another game.

So back to the three types and why they are turning me off.
#3) Enemy runs
It is probably just fair that they can and I am not complaining really, it just doesnt help me on my end.
And it seems really hard to fence them in properly.

#2) Some kind of trap
So this can be slightly entertaining, but mostly it ends up in a scenario where the enemy really really knows what they are doing and I dont have any room to have fun if I end up being the victim.
Or they lead me into a counter - I spot it and disengage because it would be absolutely no fun to fight in this scenario. So - not really what I would sign up for either.

#3) This goes from being scouted and then jumped by at least twice the amount of ships I would have on grid. May be fun sometimes - but whoever does that usually has found some game mechanics supporting them to bring in more ships and overwhelm you easily.
I can somewhat live with that but really - what got me even to quit is this:
No matter how sophisticated your plan is - unless you exploit all chances to to be able to escape you get not only overwhelmed.
No - you get so OVERkilled that you couldnt even enjoy the losing battle.
I mean battles like with a carrier or other capitals.
They - and I m certainly not pointing fingers - just cyno in a metric ton of capitals and overwhelm you in a way that you just have to accept that there is NOTHING you can do eventually.
By no means do I complain about a specific loss I had.
My irk goes with the way I lose it - its a done deal - a dead race - and absolutely no fun or the thing you imagine when setting up your ship(s).

It seems every larger group now has a dozen of dreads and even a few Titans or Supers handy to just hit you with a force that - unless diligently planned on your end - can not be countered in time.

So - the only thing I can think of is work this way and play the game by absurdly overpowering the enemy yourself with such a number that
neither tactics or real planning are necessary.
Its just - like playing soccer with two bazookas instead of players or a ball.
Just blast the other goal skyhigh out of the field - I m guessing that is not even fun for the other party.
Because - if they bring that many capitals to take out a few enemy ones, the loot distributed will not mean much to them either way.

What I m trying to say is, in a way PvP seems to have lost the fine tactics, the pointy rapier, the slight of hand and all that.
Instead it feels - and almost looks like what we had been shown in school.
Where two armies stand opposed and just clash.
Or one army rolls over whatever force is on the other side.
But not the finely detailed clever fights one would hope for really.

I so would like to come back and find that I can see tactical fights, real strategy, and fights that do not end up in a Bob Bukkake just lazerjizzing ((missilespamming etc) the other party without any brains involved really.

I wouldnt even know how to find a way to have that now- or probably ever.
Cant really think of a solution, other than limiting how many ships can hit another at one time or something -but that would maybe not be a good thing either.


I really like Eve and I like the community both in game and outside (forums).
You / We are all clever people looking for a great time in this game, but I m almost out of the feeling on how to have this anymore.

PvP is blob bukkake or chasing until you run out of time and log out.

Can you help ?

Why do you want to fight people?

It’s NEVER been that way.


Unfortunately not really.

6 months is such a short timeframe so nothing has really changed, so I don’t believe your experience on returning would be all that different.

There was a great war going on, so lots of content for anyone to engage in (even when not directly involved in the war) in Delve. However the recent massacre in M2- may have ended it (although there was a great effort by PAPI yesterday to recover their Titans by welping a fleet of ~300 dreads).

Op success for PAPI yesterday, which might provide the morale boost to keep the war going.

But otherwise, outside Delve and near surrounds, you’ll find your pvp experiece about the same as it was.

Yes i can help %100. There is one unique concept in EvE Online tackle all these issues you have … And there is no corporation -organisation in eve does what we are are up to .

Please find me in game and get into our discord https://discord.gg/MnhwCydY

I just want to say here that while maybe not 100 % at least nearly for 90 % I found “help” with my issue through the kind help of bleulysian.

@Scipio - nice shameless plug, but never the less - thanks for replying

@Scoots: Yes, when I started in 2004 or so it was for some time

@Xeux: Eve is kind of a game to fight each other in - at least some of the time- I did all the other things already…so its time to explore that part

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You mean “when the game was new and no one knew what they were doing” during the first year of the game being out?

Yeah, okay, sure, kid.

It can definitely be like that but not always. There are folks finding success in solo and small gang, you just need to learn how they do it. You need role models kid. Start watching pvp videos. Personally I’ve gotten the most out of Stitch Kaneland, Laskur Emanuel, Lussy Lou, Suitonia, Bjorn Bee… the list goes on.

You need to learn about on-grid & off-grid separation, hard counters, engagement profiles, weapon types and how well they track/project, and how fast various ships move. It’s advisable to learn about the various corps and alliances you fight and use the in game system to mark them as contacts so you can gauge how many of them are in local. I often use a local checker tool to get intel before a fight.

Try starting out with faction warfare (you don’t actually have to join a faction) because you can use the novice plexes to shrink your engagement profile down to just frigates. This way you have less ships to worry about and you’re more likely to find 1v1s. However, disabuse yourself of the idea that you’ll be able to find a steady supply of 1v1s. You will be outnumbered often and that’s ok. There are tactics for that.

The single most important concept for fighting blobs is separation. You have to use warping, microwarping, microjumping, gates, bubbles, terrain, defensive webbing/scramming, defensive neuting–whatever–to separate the blob into bite sized pieces and keep them from getting a firm grip on you (tackle). Have a few successful fights and you’ll start to say “I see how this is possible now.” It is doable but certain forces you will simply never be able to defeat and when you come across those, you’ve got to move on.

I hope this helps. It really just sounds like your spirit’s broken. Talk to some kindly vets, watch some pvp vids, buy a stack of cheap ships and get out there. You just need a glimmer of what is possible and it will spark the fire that you’re looking for. it’s doable, you just need some determination and humility because this game can and will break your spirit.

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It has been ALWAYS that way and only that way for many of us …

Thank you for your kind words.
Yes - at least a part of my spirit has been dented and I couldnt really see anything but blobs destroying each and any thing that could turn out to be a fine story about how a Sotiyo bested the attack or fought hard and long but eventually died.

What really gets me is things like this:

or actually that here - which I witnessed:

There was a fight - it did look fine until maybe the last 10 minutes.
Then this big group - I think they are called Snuffed rolled in and obliterated it.

No fine tactics, no barter, no option - just rolled over it and that was it.
It seems they did the same with one of the last “free” Keepstar stations in empire and cleaned out the system in the progress.

Well - no reason to whine - but I can only glimpse at the effort here and see how no amount of counter seems to be enough for an attack with dozens of Titans, Motherships and other capitals really.

Im relatively unrelated to the owners of the stations in Basgerin, but it was nice to use them and that they were there.
And to go out like that
by the hands if some large group with a metric ton of assets at their hand (and probably bored soon of all that power) is showing a big imbalance in the combat system.

Anyhow- I found a group that seems nice enough and they have carved out a good way of EVEing - I ll stay with them for a while and see how it goes.

Let us hope that the combat system of Eve finds a way to get back in to a healthy balance.

It is a fascinating aspect of Eve that the viking-style rape-and-pillage guys are always able to form big organized groups to do mindless destruction, but the peaceful farmers are fundamentally unable to form any long-lasting defense, no matter how many collective hours they all spend in the Eve universe. It is either because of game mechanics, or some fundamental law of nature - I don’t know which.


I think your issue is with the structure combat sub-meta. There are other sub-metas that are healthy. Look into the new ESS system, It has an entirely new meta forming around it and different gameplay favoring afterburners and medium/large sized ships. There’s also good fights to be had in wormholes and during events. I find a good amount of content in Black Rise but there are blobs abound.

There’s also the arena which right now has battlecruiser 1v1s. Though not emergent it could be a way to pick up some combat experience quickly and easily. Right now the general meta is all about the Triglavian ships. They have good mobility and survivability all around. Microjump drive battlecruisers/battleships are good. Torpedos just got a buff. T2 ammo just got a buff. Use the right ships in the right place and you should have good dynamic fights. The good fights are out there.

Read any random social psychologhy 101 book you will get it :joy:

Yes. Avoid all pvp. Its crap anyway. There are lots of other fun stuff you can do in this game. Mine, produce, invent, trade.

Its just shitty game mechanics designed by ccp to grief peaceful and hard working players. And and top of that some pirats even need more and resort to cheats when they don’t get their way.

This is nothing about CCP that spesific thing is all about human natures manifestation…

It is not crap… the way you acknowledge is crap… this games PVP mechanics elusive… and extremely complex. do not judge before you get a good grab knowledge and understanding

And its of course challenge and nearly impossible to keep all in balance . and CCP effort to doing their best in limits of their understanding… everybody sucks sometimes… we all … but no… what you wrote there is not fair…

I would not say “just”. In a lot of ways the PVP mechanic outcome reflect real life fighting. And real life fighting SUCKS unless you have a big upper hand and survive to tell the tale. At least in EVE you ALWAYS survive.

Anyone that wants a more gamey game should not play EVE. EVE is harsh and stressful and not fair and not balanced, just like real life war in so very many ways. And yeah, that being the case, you will find complete and utter human turds gravitating toward this game, just like happens in real life war.

That sort of depends on what aspect we are talking about…some of this is clearly meant to be be crap. Eve was meant to be frustrating in many ways.

And then you have the point where intended design meets programming limitations. Some real crap has been created there but its not like the devs can be blamed. There are threads and threads of great ideas to fix said crap that just cannot be realistically implemented sadly.

But the point is there is crap. And the challenge of learning to deal with it and even thrive is what makes EVE EVE. And if you don’t like it or get burnt out that’s just fine. Go in peace and thanks for playing.

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