How can PvP in this game be any fun for me?

I have a serious issue with this game. It would be fun if I stood a chance in fights. But right now I can’t seem to win a single fight. I tried a lot ( over the last 5 years ). I have almost max skills, but I still lose many fights even vs lesser ships ( faction ships vs t1 frig, t2 frig vs t1 frig ). I lose everything ( or 90% of the fights to be more exact, the other 10% are mainly group kills ).

I would be okay with losing a fight every now and then. But this is reaching a ridiculous point where I spend all my in-game time grinding boring ■■■■ just so someone else can blow my ship up. After that the refitting also takes a lot of time. Generally for 1 minute of PvP in a decent ship I have to do other PvE stuff for 4 hours. So I don t get why they call this a PvP game anymore.

I tried the game several times and I do like it overall. I however do not have the time / intention to memorise every ship, strategy, overlay bug, etc. just to win a fight vs seemingly invincible experienced veteran players.

At this point I don’t even understand how EVE can keep the interest of new players who have to fight or flee against the few that win almost everything.

Should I just quit the game? Or is there something that can still be entertaining? ( Don’t say mining or another grinding activity ).

If you really have Max skills in all the PvP type areas it must be your choice of ships, tactics, and/or fits.
Go to and link your character here so we can see skill spread.

Not in all areas but I m pretty much maxed out on Minmatar frigates that use turrets. Battlecruisers, Cruisers and Destroyers too, but they are too expensive for me to fly.

This post isn’t about what fits I should use. It is about the fact that I have to spend hours in PvE to have a few minutes of PvP, which I always lose ( mainly because I don’t have a chance vs more experienced players ).

I lose so much I count on it. My game now is not getting caught. That alone can be a challenge but I win it more frequently.

How does being loose have anything to do with winning a fight?

Start using T1 ships and message the people that beat you and ask for fits and strategies. You will find most PvP low sec players friendly and helpful. The more experience you get the more fun you will be to fight.

Fitting a t1 ship is almost as expensive as a faction one. And if anything, I have less chance to actually win fights with them. Nor will I learn anything because they usually explode in seconds. I really don’t want to go through another 5 years of ‘getting experience’ to have any success and/or fun in this game.

I suppose if you want to make excuses for your apparent lack of experience instead of taking constructive advice you can just go lose more.

With your sp you could be scary in a Tristan or Rifter. More isk doesn’t always solve the problem. I have killed battleships with assault frigates and killed dead space fit faction frigates with t1 fit Tristans.

Hop in a crap fit ship and tell the next guy that kills you that you would like to fleet up for experience. Extra points if you hop in to teamspeak or discord.


Why are you insulting me? Typical EVE player I suppose :(.

PS: I am ussuming using some t2 modules. ( nothing more fancy ).

Facts are insults now?

Well there is your problem. “ussuming” isn’t a word.


I am sorry for being an inferior human being. Of course my experience can’t tip on your obvious superiorty on all fronts. PvP, but also grammar.

Jesus…you come here with a problem and make excuses when someone gives you a solution. Then you come back with a snarky ■■■■ tier attitude.

If I were trying to seem superior I would have just said “get gud noob”. The advice I gave works. Try it before you whine more.


Find a group to pvp with make some friends

I already did. 3 years ago.

I accepted I will never be a match for more experienced players. The issue I have is that I need to spend a lot of time farming boring things to fund some mediocre frigates.

If your real issue then is funding find a better paying activity to do

A few hours running high sec anomalies will yeild enough cash to go PvP in t1 frigates for days. I made 4 billion in the last couple days just building and selling Gilas from the BPCs that seem to drop like candy. I run the anomalies with a destroyer.

Any suggestion on how to make money with mediocre PvP? So far I have tried FW. But the only way to make money there is fleeing from everyone trying to attack you (which I am pretty good at by now ).

Do some missions for your faction and turn lp into stuff worth selling or ferry modules from highsec to your FW front and sell it higher than you bought it.
You have to understand that unless you buy plex with real cash to fund your in game expenses you need to invest quite a bit of planing into making yourself self-sufficient

You re obviously better than me. I can make maybe 10M isk/hr on average doing missions. And much less doing anomalies. Are you flying a t1 destroyer? I did a lot of anomalies in my battlecruiser. But I never got anything worthwhile in the sites ( aside from escalations and their loot ).

Thx for the answer. It basically boils down to ‘you have to grind a fair amount, to have a little PvP’. Which is what I wanted to know.

It seems that PvP isn’t a viable source of income ( unless you have great PvP skills, real life money or are in a good gang/corp ). The latter might provide a solution.

I use a Hecate in Gurista high sec. They can easily kill the anomalies and scan the signatures. The real cash is in 4/10s. C-type invulns and Gila bpcs. I get 1-3 5/10 escalations that also pay out pretty good but are more rare.