How can PvP in this game be any fun for me?

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If funding is your main concern, join a large Corp/Alliance that gives out free T1 frigates. You would have to contribute in some way of course, prob fleet ops, mining ops etc,

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Of coursr it is. Having a poorly fit ship will make you lose 10/10 times even with perfect skills.

If youve played call of duty for 10 years but spend your matches running around swinging a knife and running up to people front-first, of course youre going to die every time. The right weapon makes all the difference.

No it doesnt. Mining in a t1 barge will net you 20 mill isk an hour. Thats enough to fit 2 well armed frigates.

You seem to just be making excuses.

“Oh, pvp is too hard because everyone is better than me.”
“Oh, its too expensive to fit a basic t1 ship with t2 modules” .
“Oh, it takes too long to farm isk.”

All of these are problems that everyone faces… At the beginning of the game. But then we learn. Unlike you, though, we actually accept the advise of other people.

The thing is, if you take into consideration the advice of others, ask people and join corps, you will become very good at fitting. I sucked at the beginning too. Everyone does. But we learned. People taught us. And we didnt say “why are you insulting me”.

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