Why am I terrible at PvP?

So I don’t understand this at all and maybe someone can point me in the correct direction. I am terrible at PvP. I can take the same exact ship as a pro PvPer with the same fit and skills and go up against the same ship he just popped 30 seconds ago and die. What am I doing wrong? :sob:

If I was you join a good corp that is willing to train you. Start with being in a fleet might help too. Good luck and keep with it

Don’t worry,
we all suck at PvP in eve,
just some of us have been doing it long enough to suck slightly less than everyone else.

You don’t need to be good at it to win, you just have to be a little less terrible than the other guy .

No really, check my kb, that’s all there is to it.



Hey guys I’m actually just a newborn baby but my brain got moved into the body of a spec ops and he died instantly by the other spec ops guy. I mean we have the same type of body, training but all I did was flail my arms around while he just stomped my neck.

That is what most likely happened OP. Start with baby steps and learn how to walk before you join the army or something.


You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re just making the mistake of thinking the ship makes the pilot. The pro pvp’er is a pro because of what he knows, not what he has.


This bears repeating.

Ships and modules (fits) and skill points each play a part, but experience is a huge factor, as well.

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“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”
-Bruce Lee

Vince Lombardi once said, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”


Practice some more.

–Practitioner Gadget


Looking at your killboard, which ship did you lose?

If you mean me… all of them.

I have just started getting back into FW PVP. And honestly it has helped me understand what is going on a lot better.

I would suggest joining FW fleets and doing those to get a hang of PVP. They are cheap, fast and often fun.

@Netan_MalDoran, I was on Sisi when I discovered I was terrible at PvP. I mean I always knew but this confirmed it. I watched my buddy tear apart a BC with his Raven. I asked about it so he traded me his raven and he got in the exact same ship he raped the other guy in. He then began to destroy me like I was a blind, deaf, skill-less alpha noob who had never seen a computer before. I know it’s not the ship that makes the woman so what is it?

At the very least you’re living proof that EVE being Pay to Win isn’t true. :wink:

Can’t buy piloting / micromanagement skills and copying someone else’s fit doesn’t help you anything. Like that one guy that once copied one of my Sin fits (they’re expensive), without understanding why I fit it that way or how to use it. He lost it 30 minutes after he bought it.

What you need is practice and knowledge. Both take time, neither you can buy.


Knowing how to use the ship, knowing the ship you’re up against, knowing when to run your active modules, and when to shut them down, what damage types to apply, what ranges to be at and how to achieve them, etc etc. It’s just knowing.

Lose more ships. Wayyyyy more ships. This will teach you the errors not to make. The automation of actions to perform, in which order.
Also maybe adapt your shortcut configuration, and/or your overview.

Probably a combination of manual piloting and micromanaging.
Manual piloting to keep yourself at the perfect spot to apply damage and mitigate you receiving damage.
Micromanaging on knowing what modules to use when, and which ones to overheat when, also drone control too.

Son, what you need is a t1 frigate, a badass skin and speed metal. The first step to winning is knowing your ship, knowing what you can fight and knowing your limits.

The metal and skin just make you feel better about dying repeatedly until your first few wins.

Just have fun. Swear lots. Enjoy. They’re only frigates.


Maybe many things:

  • wrong ammo;
  • wrong distance;
  • wrong orbit;
  • wrong fly vector;
  • wrong speed;
  • wrong resistance;
  • wrong heating order;
  • wrong tanking mode.

Try again. Try FW. Improve your skills. A good solo PVP attempt can be found in FW core zones. Like 5 per hour. Sure, much more other imbalanced PVP cases. Skills matters, LP not so much. Read my last topic

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You probably haven’t lost enough ships yet! :wink:

Just keep undocking and fighting, watch youtube videos of other people fighting and enjoy the explosions. It can be frustating as heck at first but eventually you’ll learn what ships to engage with your ship.

Also practice manual piloting, it can be really helpful.

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This, this is it.
How I learned, how we all did.
Those guides you read and videos you watch,
This is how those came to be.

Chin up but arse lubed.
Take it when you have to but remember when you didn’t and don’t take it a second time when you know better.


I agree with this, also use the fitting widow to visualise fittings and try to see the vulnerabilities of each ship. Revision is important within Eve. Once you know the pros and cons of each ship you will be in a better position to fight and possibly win.

You can go onto the test server and pvp till you get a good understanding.

I don’t pvp too often, when I do i have low cost fun. I noticed a dude that kept on attacking me with the same ship so I analysed it and came up with a plan to beat him solo with the limited resources I had. It resulted in a win for me.

You posted this topic which shows you are open learning and thats great. keep talking to people keep researching and trying.