Extreme Skills

Well… This week I launched the ES: Skyrim again. I scrolled through some of my YouTube library records and found a forgotten video about Epic Archery skills in that video game. Who tried ES once knows that Archery is funny, but difficult art to mastery. The Arrow’s trajectory is realistic - it has a real ballistic trajectory. The Single exception there is - a missing sidewind effect.

I’m posting it because I also remembered a debate between personal skills and LP levels, because there are topics about “Solo PVP is dead”, “I’m terrible at PVP”, “What I did wrong?” etc. Personal skills are important even in a kind of game like EVE, where almost all actions are automated. We have to track many others things in return. High PVP skills requires a lot of time investment. a lot of bad attempts. To be good at PVP in almost all video games, to have extreme skills, - it’s like to play very good at piano or other musical instrument.

Anyway, watch the video below and enjoy it, enjoy the true gaming skills. PEGI 18.

One of the best moment is at 1:25. He shot an arrow from on location (Solitude bridge) to another one (Solitude harbor), after which he loaded fast travel mode to the harbor to watch where the arrow will hit (head).

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I would do another run of Skyrim, couple playthroughs, but only and exclusively if I could use all the really good LL mods on SE, which is unfortunately a very long ways off, if ever. Until then its just simply not worth playing anymore.

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