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Hi! Is ther a place were I can see the skills I have traind without having to get into the skills window, like somthing of a clear and concise list where all my curent skills would be displayed in deteils with infos on me skills and only the skills I presently have?
The skills window show too much of the skills I don’t have or don’t need or don’t want. It’s too cluttered and I don’t understand a lot of it.
What does “Level III 8.000 / 256.000 skill points” means? I have nothing to measure that against, no referense point. If that makes sense to anybody.
Sorry I don’t know how to be clear on things I don’t understand.

The skill plans are for pve: explorer, enforce, industial and solders of fortune but it doesn’t show what skills I need for pvp, it doesn’tmention pvp at all? Please someone explain to me.

Also I want to thank everyone who worked on this game. It’s beautiful!

What is the modules that hold the ennemies ship in place?
I saw in a pvp video the man activated all his attack modules in one click they ALL ingenged at once. How did he do that?
Thank you!! Play on!!

In the skill window, there’s a filter above, there you can choose “my skills” or “have prerequisites”, which is exactly what you are looking for.

Every skill has five skill levels, each level enhancing the performance basing on that skill. The steps are not even, the first 3 Levels are skilled very fast, while skilling up from IV to V takes quite a long time. So in your case, you have skilled 8’000 SP (Level III), while the maximum (Level V) needs 256’000.

PvP is most related to “Soldier of Fortune”. There’s all the “kill another capsuleer” and ewar tasks.

Tackling: Web and Scram or Point.

All modules have a set keyboard key, which easily can be changed. Normally guns/rockets are grouped placed on F1, so F2, F3, etc can be used for further attack modules. It’s no rocket science to press F1-F4 at the same time.


because pvp is a broad area and varies wildly , it would be helpful for you to see if your corp has any established skill plans. then you just apply that plan. this is important if you are going to fly a doctrine ship for your group.
good luck

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One thing you can do is to click your weapons and other offensive modules like warp disruptors without having an active target.

Then if you Ctrl-click an enemy player to lock them, all your modules and weapons activate at once when they can.


If all your weapons are the same type (this is generally a best practice), you can group them by clicking that little figure eight in a circle thing. This is on your HUD to the left of your weapons if you are in space, or in your fitting window when docked.

When your weapons are grouped, you can activate them all at once with one click.

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You can do that in game, by filtering for “My Skills” (instead of “All skills”, “Can train now”, “Have prerequisites for”)
but you will still have to go through the different sections.

As to out-of-game resources for this, no clue except some authorization tools used by corporations/alliances. Maybe in EvEMON but I’ve never used it.

Regarding pvp specific skills, most of the skills in this game are pvp related in some way. Let’s just make it a little bit easier by saying that any skills in “Corporate Management”, “Planet Management”, “Production”, Resource Processing", “Science” and “Trade” have no link to any pvp (although I didn’t check all individual skills on being prerequisites for any modules or highly advanced hulls etc.) That leaves the majority of the skills to deal with.

So how do you make a choice between all those possibly pvp related skills ?

I would advise, as a first approach, to focus on a particular pvp ship you want to fly, and optimize all possible skills for fitting and use of that ship hull and it’s weapons and tank in its intended pvp role in the game. That is, if you picked your ship hull wisely, usually the fun way of doing things. You will only have to go through (part of) The Magic 14 - EVE University Wiki (the so-called fitting skills, which are composed of engineering and tank related skills mostly) once, and all the rest you skill up - related to that hull + fit you picked - will immediately make a noticeable difference in ship performance.

My second advice then has to be to not change ship hulls too fast, as all the roles, weapons and even bonuses (traits) they have are connected to ( even more) skills in some way or another. Rather get a feel for what the skills really do by sticking to a ship and learning to use them to your advantage. On the plus side, many of these skills are “support skills”, that will have an effect on many weapon types within the same family (missiles, turrets) or on many hulls. So that time won’t have to be spent again if you do switch over to a different hull type or a different (pvp) role. The art is to make your training queue as efficient as possible - pushing a level 5 that will only have effect on one single weapon or module is usually a luxury you can postpone until you’re comfortable with the skills you do have to have. Stick to your original plan - or lose time.

As far as the above goes, that’s my personal approach. Some people will have a different view. The choice lies with you :slightly_smiling_face:


since you are asking questions about the basics
i would suggest you to

  1. read the eve wiki EVE University Wiki about theses questions. Eve is an old game, so most topics have been explained in complete and well-written posts
    for example your questions about skills would have lead you there
    Skills and learning - EVE University Wiki

  2. join eve-uni or another newbie-friendly corp, where you will get answers, fits, advices, help and make friends


Hi! It’s not really what I’m looking for but if it’s the only thing then I’ll take it.

Thank you!
What is meant by “scram” and “point” in EVE?

@Gerard_Amatin awesome! thank you.

That’s what I thought I could find, all my skills, in a clear list, with relevant information on what those skills affect, a bit like in the statistics tab of the info window for a ship… sort of.

I don’t know the first thing about any ship. I know some are for Omega playes and others fir alpha but beyond that I don’t know what ship to choose and why. I understand that some ships are better to use for different purposes but I don’t have experience with those purposes yet. So far I did some ratting in a Atron and mining in Venture. I’m trying not to go too fast into the missions until I understand the mechanics and what they allow, when.

That is my method so far. Not moving on to something else until I understand what I already have. Webs, ECM, WMD, Radar, lots to learn just in the t1 category. I’m not technician.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure about join a corpation. I can’t play everyday and not more than a few hours. Not sure it’s enough to be useful as I wish.

I apreciate all the advice. EVE is more than a game, it’s a challenge. Play on!!


Two different options to disable someone’s warp drive.

These modules are used to make sure a target ship does not simply warp away out of a fight.

Point = warp disruptor, longer range, 1 warp disrupt strength
Scram = warp scrambler, shorter range module that also disables microwarp drives, with 2 warp disrupt strength (or 3 for the faction variant)

A Venture with it’s role bonus, or any ship with active warp core stabilizer module will have +2 warp core stabilization and can still warp away when pointed, scrammed or double pointed.


To add some perspective…

That puts you in some top % of players. There’s a lot of people who are in corporations and alliances and don’t log in for months at a time, but still socialize with their corp and alliance out of game.

Different corps have different expectations. A few hours per week will exclude very few of them, and the daily active ones with stringent expectations typically don’t take newbies anyway. So go out there and search and join up. If any corpmates gives you :poop: for it, find a better corp. You don’t have to nail it on the first try.


which is largely enough to be in a corp? or do you think average eve players are no-lifers without family nor job?


It would be nice to find the pefrect fit on the first try tho.

Maybe I don’t know. I thought that mmo players with their own PC at home would play couple hours everyday or at least log in and say hello.

Why would I think a stupid thing like that?

Only one way to find out.


i was kidding man…

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“Perfect” is hard to reach, especially if you are new: You have to find out what you want, and if that matches the parameters you consider important.
Easier way: Just try and find out.

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Newbie corps are great, then there are also “corps” like the one im in. United Standings Improvement Agency. We are a service not necessarily tied down like a corp. Our discord community of mission runners is a melting pot of alt players who do pve/pvp/FW/null monkeys.

So you could join our discord and between the “guests” or even staff, get some great advice among many aspects in eve, without joining a corp.


EVE University is a corp dedicated entirely to teaching new players, so dob’t worry about being “useful”. It’s a good place to orient yourself, try different things, learn how to fly in fleets, etc. And yeah, most groups don’t have any strict activity requirements beyond kicking people who are inactive for longer periods, like three months or such.


Thank you! I will contact them. I hope they teach noobies how to PvP also. I love mining but there’s more than shooting at rocks in space.


you, sir, will surely find your place in eve. I can predict that you will still be playing eve in 10 years from now (if eve does not die first)


Did you know you can get 5 solo kills while being ganked? Just set 5 drones at different gankers. You’re going to look like the killboard hero.
Procurers are not too expensive, and sometimes gankers are in despair attacking cheap ships, like I once lost an Endurance in Highsec less worth than the 5 catalysts they invested.