Skill points for won battle

Why can’t i get skill points for winning a battle against another player ?
Lately i lost a few ships , but now won a battle, my first won , Merlin vs. Merlin , his had blasters , mine had rails and stasis webifier , he couldn’t get close enough .
Anyway , i see that you can get 2500 skill points if you kill 1 NPC . Why can’t i get those if i win a battle against another player ?
I keep doing these career agents , they give me isk but honestly it sucks , i hate dealing with npc.

Because PvP isn’t something CCP wants/needs to encourage?

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You have me confused here . Why the game developer wouldn’t want to encourage this ? If this is true , why is this an MMO ? Shouldn’t be something like Stellaris or X series then ?
By PvP , you mean player versus player ?

Perhaps people choose to fight each other without requiring a carrot from CCP.

For me it is silly that i cannot get skill points for winning a fight against a player . It’s silly that i have to kill NPC for that , i mean i put more effort into PvP.

Because this is a game of alt accounts. People would just chain kill their alts to get the rewards. That’s why there can’t be rewards for PvP.


That isn’t much of a reason. Killing an NPC is even easier that killing your own alt.

Ok , but why do i have to suffer because of that ? can’t they somehow make so it can’t be done like that ? limit it somehow ?
I mean for me that i like PvP there’s no rewards and for those that do NPC related things are ?

There is no cost-effective way to control that. Don’t underestimate the “criminal energy” of EvE players. Hence CCP just balanced the game around alts exist. Makes everybody happy (enough).

Also the pitiful login or NPC kill SP rewards is nothing EvE players care about. Just forget they exist. You train passively just by passing time. Use your time to train real life PvP skills and learn the mechanics.

Allright i am not going to argue with you , i am just new and don’t know much , i still learn about faction warfare , fittings , ships and tactics , but thry to put yourself in my shoes , i have lost 3 ships already to get a victory , which for you probably isn’t much , but i wanted this so badly and i don’t get those skill points , but those that use their ships in NPC engagement do , and how many ships do they lose for that ? Since i started the game and almost done the career missions , haven’t lost a single ship so far to NPC .
In PvP i had to lose 3 , but no cookie when i succeed :frowning:

This is a remarkable success, probably brings you in the top 0.01% of new players. :slight_smile: Three losses for one kill in solo PvP is something good! The cookie is the win, and killmark!

you have to be kidding me …
you trolling ?
in one fight i didn’t even get to activate my scrambler before dying , personally i felt so ashamed of myself and a win ration of 33% sounds awful for me , but i will work harder and harder to improve it .

Nope. Remember you are fighting against much older players usually. You probably know already …

what i learned today is that i have to be more selective about ships although the temptations are great there , i have this urge to shoot at anything but it doesn’t work like that .
yes there are older players and some come as a group :frowning:

I think, you will do well in EvE, you learned more on one day than many in years. :slight_smile:


Well thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: I will definitely do more of this PvP , my hands are shaking and sweating , my heart pumps harder , i love it !


you seem enthusiast about pvp and it is great
But don’t start whining and complaining about game mechanisms so early, while you don’t have much knowledge about the game, you won’t get any support.
learn improve, embrace the challenge as you already started to do
But keep in mind that most of your opinions have already been thought, studied, balanced etc. for every idea that you think you have, there are many ways to exploit it, and many consequences that you would not imagine on people who don’t have the same exact game play as you (low sec, null sec, wormholes, industrialists, explorers, etc…)

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I do. And I’m sure lots and lots of other EVE players do, too. I also love it when I can kill 5 npc’s for 5, 000SP or 10 npc’s for 10,000SP. Every SP counts.
I love the login rewards, too.
I was just reflecting on CCP’s generosity as I finished a mission not a half-hour ago. CCP does give us new players a lot of incentives to log in every day and that’s not counting all the rest I do not care to mention in this thread.
Thank you CCP

Nothing holds you from killing a few npc’s a day. It only takes 10mins max.

Sometimes there are events when you earn skillpoints for shooting other players. I’m not sure how long they want to keep these incentives, It’s only just about a year they exist with different rewards, and they are not intended to reward any fighting success but just logging in and undock and do some travelling.
At the moment I try to get an alpha char to the 20m SP barrier by logging in and killing NPCs. Compared to that, mining is thrilling, for this will take some years if I keep up that skilling speed.

You must have a rich imagination . I do not , just expressing some thoughts . If you don’t care about what new players have to say , that’s fine for me , you’re not the only one playing this game , but maybe others will see interest in this . I can understand that perhaps some of my ideas have been thought about and put to the test , but from what i’ve read above there aren’t that many new players that stick to this game and maybe the way i think and see things can help with improving that.

To translate what you have wrote to the others:
" you’re a new player so just shut up"

and you wonder why people leave this game…