Skill points for won battle

man please reread carefully and don’t fall into the “black or white” way of thinking
I first higlighted that your enthusiam towrad pvp was great
then i gave you an advice to help you.

  1. You did not complain? well here are your own words:
    "For me it is silly that i cannot get skill points for winning a fight against a player "
    "why do i have to suffer because of that "
    “no cookie when i succeed”
    it seems to me that you were complaining. Maybe use other words next time

  2. i care about what new players have to say . That’s why i took the time to answer your post, no?

  3. there is a huge difference between asking very new players to learn more about game mechanisms before saying that they are “silly”, because everything has many consequences somewhere in new eden, and telling new players to shup up. That is called nuances etc.
    you also have to accept that when you post something on this forum, some other players could disagree with you, or tell you something that you are not happy with, and it is NOT equal to “shut up”

You seem already too salty for me.

Don’t forget to have fun in this game with pixels

And this is why i do not like text chat , because it leaves room for people to interpret things through their perspective , now you have the idea that i’m salty …

whatever …

I think i’m having more fun than the ones born as me yesterday and that keep on killing those red NPCs and mine veldspar . Actually i don’t think , i guarantee it :slight_smile:

The skilling spree has in the past rarely had a reward for killing players. Mostly it is for PVE though unfortunately.

I don’t. If the reward is from killing an NPC, I will not waste my time to go out of my way to kill an npc as I focus on PVP. Every so often I might get some SP from being forced to kill a gate rat that is bothering me or something. I have the skilling spree closed to not take up space on my screen. If it dings from killing an annoying gate rat then it’s free SP. Otherwise I don’t even bother looking at it.

That’s cool. I focus on things that will bring me more gains than losses at this stage of my play and right now it’s PvE for me. Exploration and killing npc’s. I don’t have much time to sit there and mine either, and PvP is more loss than I can sustain this early in my EVE life. If it happens that a PvPer catches me with my pants down then so be it but I won’t go look for it yet.

I like to train on npc’s so I’ll naturally get the SP and once it dings I also close it and continue with whatever I like to do next. This early I want all the SP I can gobble up. I’m sure there’ll be time when I won’t even bother doing the spree while focus on something else but the missions pay isk with the bonus of experiencing space battles, which is why I play EVE. Someday I’ll be looking for PvP but today is not the day.

I would like this too , I can understand how you feel , but it will be hard to implement for CCP , because they also need to prevent exploits and abuses around this and it’s simply too much resources to allocate for them on this matter , when they already have others that are far more important to fix right now regarding the game, things that you don’t really know much about as a new player.
I like your style, keep up with the PvP , you have fun and don’t look at what others tell you !