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Self reflection is good, I’m somewhat ashamed to have waded into you the way that I did and for that I apologise.

We see similar threads quite often and they do tend to turn into a dog pile because some of us assume that others know as much about game mechanics as we do; even so, there are some golden nuggets of advice in that thread.


Although I was the first one to comment in the other thread that perhaps a line was being crossed, as a health care professional I probably should have realized earlier that the original post and subsequent responses were not a troll, but represented genuine pain and anger. I plead the conditioning from this forums past history of less the forthright posting and the delayed (lack) of ISD response as the thread continued. Glad to see the community and yourself reconcile; may you keep playing and actively use that 7 months of game time you purchased, but most of all, keep healing.


Respect to the people in this thread who go for reconciliation, especially Da Bee, Eric and Jonah. It’s heart-warming to see self-reflection and brotherhood after reading this other thread.

At the same time, I wish we can learn something from “this other thread”. I didn’t participate in the discussion, but it seems that contradicting opinions are not the problem. The problem is to know when to stop ourselves and maybe to stop people who share our opinion. That point is reached when a discussion becomes mobbing and random people join just to kick someone who is already on the ground or try to provoke someone who is beyond railed up. Then, especially if they agree with us, we’ll have to tell them to stop.

Kudos, to the guys who have the greatness and backbone to show up here and take responsiblity. You’re the kind of guys that make EVE’s community so great. <3

All my disrespect to those who joined the other thread purely to keep pushing OP over the edge.

@Da_Bee please know that most in-game PVPers be they CODE, Lowseccers or from any other style are actually kind-hearted people who seek some special form of action within the game. The provocateurs and mobbers are a small minority.


I’ve no idea if @Da_Bee hs seen this but yea, pretty much sums up the EVE community.


I remain unconvinced.

When I first encountered CODE, my initial reaction as “How novel!” They actually created a role-playing extortion racket. I was impressed, so I paid the “fee” as a tribute to their creativity. It’s a pittance really… a token amount. Who would let that stress them?

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People are preconditioned by other games and real life, in 99% of other games CODE.'s antics, like those of many others, would result in a ban, in real life a custodial sentence. A lot of the rules in other games reflect those in real life.

In Eve extortion is as old as the game, in real life one of the oldest professions; in the former it’s almost encouraged, in the latter it’s a crime.

It’s often hard to comprehend that the freedoms here swing both ways, someone can mine afk, and someone else can shoot them in the face for doing so; and that it’s OK to do so is the real kicker.

Me I’m kinda lucky, or unlucky depending on how you look at it; Eve was my first MMO, I’ve tried others but not having the freedom to stab the guy next to me in the face and steal his loot if I felt like it feels tame; I wouldn’t because that’s not my style, I would stab him in the wallet via the market.


You still owe 10mil to honorable agent HANDY ST0NER SMURF


No problem mate, if you need some explanations or tips, don’t hesitate to ask. Take care.

have you considered joining code? It is fun to be on the other side.

No offer of cookies…

What has the world come to?

Cement your apology by sending 10mil to your favorite agent and getting a permit. Writing a nice kind thoughtful letter to James 315 would be good too

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You try that in real life and I’ll kick the living hell out of your dorky nerd butt.

Nerds don’t hug. We debug.

New slogan for nerds.

“No we’re not hugging. We are debugging.”


“Yes, debugging. It’s the chimpanzee version of being close and picking off the bugs.”

"Wanna debug?

“Absolutely not!”

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Get out to Null sec. At least try it out.

Best of luck to you.

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Why would CODE move into Null?

They would have too actually PvP like real PvPer’s do.

Have you considered sticking your head up your afterburner and fighting for air?

Thats not very nice. No I did not consider that. I usually like to share the heat of my microwarpdrive with haulers. They love it.

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Nice sentiment from the OP :heart:

This is being closed before it derails further.