An Invite to CODE

Its obvious that CODE lacks Low Sec PvP skills. Sure Cane the Crayon took out my ship. But what do you expect in a Tier 2 vs Tier 1, non-faction ship?

Come to Low Sec sometime CODE and PvP. Sure I have lost some ships, defeated some and been part of kills in a fleet.

The difference is, the ships I PvP against actually have the ability to fight back and actually do fight back.

Tootles and Noodles Fruit Salad.

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You see, that’s not their playstyle. They make profit on their pvp, you do not. Therefore, I’d dare say they are better at pvp than you. I solo in lowsec, it’s what I do. I lose A LOT of money (well… for me anyways…) doing it. Stop crying and roam the Amamake area in a Merlin or Stabber or heck even a Hyperion. Just go have fun instead of whining incessantly on the forums. It’s kinda sad to watch this pattern repeat itself over and over again.

You make a bad call, get punished for it, challenge them to an HoNoRaBLe dEUL (!!!) and when no duel comes you puff up your chest and say they are too cowardly. What if you just aren’t worth their time? Sure they could farm some more tears but they prefer profit to just making people quit. You are an investment to them. At some point you will blunder again and they will reap their rewards.

Also, I think CODE has been dead for a number of years now so…


CODE in the form they were and are now, is still elite top tier PvP , you just have accept this. It’s not for you !

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Did you get ganked?

The difference is, the ships I PvP against actually have the ability to fight back and actually do fight back.

So do the ones in highsec, most just choose not to. You fail to realize that if you get blobbed in lowsec with 20 catalysts, you’d end up dead all the same, and concord doesn’t have a get out of jail free card in lowsec should you survive for 24 seconds.

Come to Low Sec sometime CODE and PvP.

Been there, done that, and no thanks. Its all cheaply fit junk with no profit and no satisfaction when they immediately dock, and when there are marauders to kill out there, most often time results in 20 to 1 anyway.

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I’m afraid of CONCORD.


He’s still desperately trying to red-herring all the PvPers into leaving high-sec voluntarily in order to secure some safe farming space for himself, lol.


You should be, they are murderers.

He is as daft as a brush, deluded bear still thinks CODE is out to get him.


Is that why he doesn’t pvp in low sec?

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Oh he absolutely does, just not well.

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Dryson… PVP? never…

It is more appropriate to believe (based on his normally confused demeanour and posts) he stumbled aimlessly into low sec to die and sometimes get a lucky shot in. And at times do not know how to get out.


Lol, I make profit off of ny PvP in the form of loyalty points that gets converted in ISK.

CODE is not elite PvP.

CODE is blob that flies to a gate ganks a freighter then loots.

By the way, the fleets that I am part of automatically target -10 ships and pods on site.

CODE would not stand a chance in the Galmil/Calmil war zone because real PvPer’s like Lerq Staw, and RIOT, not to mention Snuffed Out let alone Galmil, will tear into ANY fleet that CODE can even think about sending.

That goea for any tissue high sec ganker as well. You can’t PvP.

Oh, look at the freighter kill mail, oh I have this kill mail. High Sec kill gankmails hold zero at all.

I do engage in safe farming of plex sites in Low Sec.

Catalysts v Freighter = Davids v Goliath

You target them then run like little girls when their friends arrive.

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oh Dryson is back and active again on the forum
time to grab some popcorn i guess

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That is not correct !

It is elite PvP !

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That’s profit off FW, not PVP. You still lose money PVPing.

Hehe I think RIOT would lose any day of the week. If they can lose a Condor + abyssal fit Hecate to a solo alpha clone Magnate, yes a MAGNATE, get mad, then lose a Thorax to an alpha clone Stabber I think CODE would absolutely annihilate them. Also, as said previously, I don’t even think CODE exists anymore.

noooo you’re a farmer?

Yep, and then cry about unengageability on the forums most likely :stuck_out_tongue:
Your poor ego needs a more forgiving and easy game.

pffft i dont gank freighters, i kill pods , something almost impossible to do in highsec if they are even slightly competent. All solo kills i will add :slight_smile:

zkill disagrees

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Heh, and out pops all the CODE alts…

i am no ones alt , its the others that are my alts.

fair enough I stand corrected, thank you sir