Code loses 350b isk to suicide ganking

So apparently code setup an alt called Goonswarm 1DQ Cyno, put a few hundred B ISK in it and blew it up just to brag on reddit.

Next time, just give me a shout. You can gank me for only about 100b.

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Reddit is not enough so you went to brag here?

If you don’t like fake fuss. Don’t spreed it…

I don’t care about these nerd statistics.

I am here to work out a deal, so please take this very competitive offer into consideration:

Fee for killing a character in the actual Goonswarm Alliance: 50 Billion

Fee for travelling to the system of your choice: 1 billion/jump

Fee for flying a fail fit ship of your choosing: 10B base + 1B per cargo expander.

I also offer a professional salt mail writing service.

Base price is only 500m per mail, but you can also get the premium package, which includes 20 very salty mails for only 9B. Of course, if you want to go all in you can also choose my salt mail subscription service, which starts with 5B/month for 15 mails.

Thank you for your consideration!

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Who the ■■■■ are you and why are you wasting my time?


Oh, how the mighty CODE have fallen. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please refrain from using foul language in my business thread.

Thank you!

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This thread is false advertising, Code != Goons.

While often associated, they are separate entities.


Maybe it is time for us miners to start giving a little back to Code. for the hard work they do?

Something more than the price of a permit.


Include a price of a ship in your offer, or else someone can choose Gold Magnate.

Two things…

Read your wiki. In case your lowly scrub butt did not know.

Goon freighters are out of corp in NPC (you know… wardec losses) and there is a reason members don’t post on forums. Use an out of corp alt next time.

And lastly…
And keep your alt losses out of the forums.


I am sorry Commander Kane if I have broken some internal rules of your Pirat alliance. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the wiki with these rules.

If you give me the url and a login I will make sure to read these rules and try to abide by them the next time I post, even though they suck a bit.


According to my other main you broke goonwaffe rules. I did say your wiki.

Sorry i thought if we are going to post ridiculous post I want to as well as i do not often get to do that. You know… to stay on topic.

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Well then, thank you for your ridiculous post!

Edit: sorry, posts

Ah is this some butthurt goon alt posting because he made the wrong assumption that CODE. has anything to do with goons?

Nice kill, the CODE always wins! Always! Good job Agent @Australian_Excellence

Get a mining permit next time when operating in CODE. sov :rofl:


Prolly one of those same guys who sends me a mail full of tears thinking I’m going to reimburse him after a gank for him being a goon :joy:


I once killed some goon alt miner who had the same reaction :joy: . He threatened to get some higher ups involved because I supposedly ignored some “blue list” :joy:. Imagine being in one of the biggest nullsec alliances and then crying because your Hulk got ganked in Highsec :joy: :joy:


Yep had about a thousand of those mails :ok_hand:

Funny every single time :rofl:

At least now after me getting CODE. red to goons, theyve almost all stopped lmao


So much for Drac’s blue list, that I’m supposedly on along with Goons.


Come on man. We all know this is a ruse.

You have a secret blue list behind the red list…and to make sure that doesn’t get found out, that secret blue list is also set to red and you have a secret-secret blue list behind that.


All of which are encrypted with 256 bit keys.