Eve's true disease - Goonswarm

I was in goons with 2 mains…i pulled em out due to a move to Tampa Bay from Minniapolis to open another shop, which would put me afk for about 6 months.

which I explained to the guy chest beating about killing my freighter

the swarm just ganked my freighter for 10 bill.

I have just recycled 2 accts and roughly 80 bill in isk…30 bill in assets.
my main will take a few more days as he has roles.

think twice before joining Goons, new players will be nothing but meat shields and used.

they have no sense of unity, no care for their members and will leave u to die 9 times out of 10

there are other organizations that care about their membership and truly want you to succeed…

goons do not.

membership is getting smaller and smaller in eve…

fly safe


Send me your main char stuff …?

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When I came back a few months ago I always kept hearing “Goons do not ruin the game, they ruin Your game”

So I naturally stayed away from them, in a sort of neutral manner.


I can assure you, I will never join the goons, and will help killing them whenever I can … so if you have no use for your ISK and assets, you can contract them to Tipa, and I will find good use for it. Thanks and farewell!


unfortunately I wont be giving anything away. I have been in eve since its launch and have amassed a good amount of bpo’s and assets… in 8 hours and some change, it will all go to the recycle can.

the one thing that I find funny, was my main was in her rhea undocked in jita aligning to the same gate. but she had quite a bit more isk than my alt in her hull…

my alt just had my over flow…

I have no love for this game, I am way to busy to play. and eve just lacks any satisfying content to keep my interests…

and spending 45 a month on something I’m not enjoying seems counter productive…

0.0 and lowsec are points of discord. why do I have to worry about moving assets in empire? seems to defeat the propose of having a high sec…

I just feel the need to let CCP know they lost 45.00 a month plus the 100’s i spend on isk, clothes and skins per month…and what really convinced me to quit.

i am sure my little bit of money means little to ccp, but I’m sure as goons continue to ruin this game, and people find better things to do with their money. maybe ccp will make empire a safe place to fly…

but i on the other hand i am thru with eve. so it really don’t matter much to me


You are being rather selfish.

Think of all the fun and enjoyment those Goons got when they were pvping you freighter.

You created some fun content for them and bet they had a blast.

Well i guess you had a blast too


I suppose your right…

after the huge spanking they got from PL and NC. in the last war they had, I guess hangin out in empire shooting stuff that cant shoot back is about the only real pvp they are actually good at, aye?


Rarely any online game is relaxing, it may bring fun, it may bring entertainment or relaxation, but the fact you are in a pit with other people that you do not know can drastically turn what you are seeking into something negative. Hell, I loved to play LoL and Overwatch, buuuuut I was not having fun when LoL is a team based game where your teammates ruin your fun and Overwatch crying over some Meta in a quick match game.

People that love a game and are true to a game will overcome the hardships to enjoy what they do in the game, my case is to simply run an industry business, the other alts just do a few missions or explore while the industry main goes out and mine while waiting. What I like about it is that any given time I could be hauling some goods and then they are all gone cause someone wants them gone lol.

But I find my fun and relaxation in single player games most of the time (unless I am with friends in online games for the fun part), you got no one to interrupt you, no competitive nature, no worries about graphics (unless you prefer graphics over gameplay), every thing at your own pace.

One thing that keeps me going in EvE is the fact things take long and are not handed to you so easily, which is what I dislike about other games that just hand you stuff rather than working for it. Another point that keeps me in is, like mentioned before, I can easily loose stuff, but its ok because when I play management games or survival games I find myself often resetting to do a fresh new start and grants me that determination of filling up my hangar and wallet again.

But of course, EvE itself is more like a part time job, where if you do not pvp often you end up doing a part time job that does not pay you (Well, you save up by buying plex with ingame currency but you know what I mean…) so it is only natural that if you have a busy schedule you basically do not want to watch spreadsheets pop in front of you. Not to mention that in order to enjoy EvE you also need to take in consideration what I have and accept it, that anything can blow up in seconds.

I do hope you had a nice experience tho, being around for that long means there was at least Something that kept you coming back.

i have been in eve since launch but have played maybe half that time…id log in and skill change pull out a bp and me another.

fact is i haven’t played eve in years…took a couple months to come back make a choice to stay or go…i choose to go.

glad you love to play…i don’t have that kind of time anymore.


gl luck all and hf,

moving on


Sorry to see you go. Lot’s of players, both past and present, share your sentiments about the game.


Always loved that line… never fails to amuse how so many people fail to spot the two parts of that essentially makes it a double negative :grin:

In this instance “Your” can only be presumed to be addressing everyone who’s not a Goon… once they’ve driven everyone else out they’re not going to hang around with nothing to do are they so off they go too… game over :smirk:

I always wondered why it is that Goons have such a hate boner for CCP that they’d want to destroy their flagship game that way :rofl:

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Its pretty much their style in my eyes.

Can’t beat your enemies in skillful combat? Simple! Just ambush and annoy the crap out of them until the game turns unplayable for ya! Nothing more to fight for? Dead. It’s like a wildfire, once it runs out of fuel it will just die and all we are left with is a barren wasteland.


If it’s OK can I just ask some questions, I’ve never been in Goons so I’ve no idea how things work so a couple of things from your OP are a little confusing for me :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Why did they gank you?

Just because you left Goons or was it a cock up of some sort & they didn’t realize you were a Goon on sabbatical?

  1. Also why did you feel you needed to leave?

Can’t you just stay in Goons while inactive or do they kick for inactivity, even then why would that be a problem… or is there some sort of auto-blacklist for anyone kicked you wanted to avoid?

Oh & this…

Huh?? do you mean you’re trashing all in-game possessions & bio-massing the toons… did I get that right?.. but why? :confused: If you ever do come back for a look-see you’ll be starting entirely from scratch…

If CCP charged some kind of storage fee in real world ISK I could perhaps understand but they don’t so this makes no sense to me :worried:


Good questions. This is a problem of most WH and 0.0 alliances/corps. I’m watching what they are doing just to make a right decision for me if I’ll choose to join to a corporation there someday. I’m feeling it’s impossible to make a right decision. As a result, I’ll gain an Employment History stamp which will define my future in game activity. This is why a thread

Would you, the players who already play, start the game at its current state, and keep on?

exists and why CCP introduced skill injectors. It’s a core game mechanic and curse of this game at the same time.

BTW, I know about a guy who was kicked from Pandemic Horde, with all his Cap ships, just because he asked something into capital chat. What he should do with his assets in 0.0 after that? What should do a player who got a Dislike in those anti-spy buffer corporations/alliances after months of working there. At the same time we see banners: “Don’t be carebear”, “Come to Null-Sec”.


If you want to burn your bridges properly, you can have CCP delete everything.

This might not be bad security practice. If EVE ever gets pwned and the data tables copied, you don’t lose your stuff. The only thing is, you’re really not getting your stuff back if you do that.

Karma can be rough, eh? Buh-bye!


This thread is salty enough to pickle a herring.

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One should never waste good salt. I can station trade you un-pickled red herrings for only 1,000 ISK, I hear pickled herrings go for 1,000,000 in Jita, pm me if you want some :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dont recycle your s**t man, every person I spoke to that recycled or gave all their ■■■■ away regretted it when they decided they wanted to come back to the game, whether it be 6 months, 1 year or five years later. Keep your schnizzle until the rage, dissolution and emptiness subsides…you might want to get up to stuff at some point and you might also want to use some of that stuff to contribute in the great war agaisnt the goons


Ahhh I remember when I thought this way too. Drink deep of the KoolAid™. :stuck_out_tongue: