The End of Goonswarm Approaches. Lets Put an end to them, and all their sub-organizations

For the betterment of eve, lets unite to get rid of this plague that has abused the game, and its population for so long.

I am actively tracking Goons, watching them closely. I will update this thread frequently but here is what i have so far.

-Code are a Front for Goons has some sort of impact on intelligence, and income rates of Goons.

  • Goons have shifted a large amount of their trade, and ratting out of delve (a by product of the blackout which seems to be effecting them significantly) I suspect they went to wormhole space, or low sec (current in the process of finding them will update accordingly).
  • Goons are not nearly as active as their alliance population suggests. It’s estimated only around 4000-5000 goons are left covering all time zones.
  • Test and goons have a secret alliance that people are unaware of, this has been limited in its access to the highest levels of the alliances, and should be treated and viewed as a proxi to goons.

More following Soon.

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…and just a reminder to all just how manipulative and destructive the OP is.


Let’s see where this goes…


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Given how public that is, that would rank up there with “worst kept secret”, if it was meant to be.


Looking forward to playing your totally real sandbox space mmo where the magic number 3 defeats the evil goon scum! Keep on posting!

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Your Intelligence Gathering skills are truly insurmountable i’m sure goons moved their ratting and trade just in fear of you and the end-times you bring.

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That alliance is public (its not the one i am talking about), but in the background there is something else. I’ll provide more info when i have gathered more sensitive information on my alt.

Goon and Test security is good enough that a complete outsider doesn’t stand a chance of knowing it. So anything you can find is public knowledge.

Who said im an out sider? I happen to be part of test leadership =X you just dont know.

Uuuu… The plot thickens.



So you are part of Test leadership, yet:

If you are TAPI leadership, surely you already know everything.

You’re as much Test leadership as I am Santa. Just one more lie to extend the long list you already have.

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So if i came to you today and told you goons and test are planning on invading the east, would you believe it?

Some how i think you’d ask for proof, and most definitely those who’d be affected would.

Wait, you are saying that asking for proof means that the information has to affect you somehow? So according to you everyone should just believe everything someone says online without any kind of information to back it up no matter does it affect them or not?

That was my point to him. Proof needs to be provided so people will believe it.

You seem surprised that somebody would want proof before believing in something…

i am highly religious

Oh wait, never mind…

Then we are still waiting for you to prove ANYTHING you have stated as facts in any of threads you have made.



As long as there is no solid evidence to prove every crap you say, this thread needs to be shifted to intergalactic summit.



What lie will he spin next? That he’s infiltrated Goons ‘Inner Circle’ and will dismantle them by dropping all their sov at once?