Denial of Service - DELVE

Dearly beloved,

we are gathered here today to witness the final days of Goonswarm.

Long have the Goons been a menace to the EVE society, it has itself come to pass into game’s history and will be extinguished like a flicker of night fire caught by a wild hurricane. What will remain of them, we will not know as the internal struggle they are now facing is something all alliances experience and soonafter crumble. Whether a new entity will arise or whether the Goons await the same fate as CVA, it does not matter. What matters is a large alliance is going down, smaller alliances will form and take sov in those areas, hopefully being neutral to all sides and providing content for everyone. Personally, I would like to see PH, Test, Brave and Frat share the same fate as EVE would re-ignite itself and new blood will come to enjoy the game with us, but that’s a story for a different day. Dire times are ahead if this large alliance survives, eventually becoming the thing we all sought to end many, many years ago called Band of Brothers (:vomits:). Like all great things, this alliance will come to an end in the forthcoming days, as long as the waves of ships fall back and hit the rock, again and again, it will eventually erode away into the dark.

It is not a time to remain neutral. I, for one, have joined the ranks of the filthy Horde, as I do not need or want a new powerhouse, to the likes of BoB, that no one can counter later on down the road. And I will leave that filthy Horde band when the Goon presence in Delve is no more. Remember the wisdom of the words of the poet when he wrote “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality”. This is your time, make a decision and join a side, no matter which ideals you support. Facts are Goons have scammed players in EVE since the day of their creation, not as a singular party but as an entity, have turned a blind eye on such acts of disgust. Goons have supported CODE in their ideals and did seek to do the same with CVA. Thankfully CVA died. Goons have polluted the game and now we need to mop 'em up and deliver them justice! Do not make a mistake thinking you will not affect anything if you remain in hi sec mining or ratting. This is a morale crisis of a decadent mind and your guns are needed to strike down the writhing evils in Delve, cowering under the banners of Goons & Co.

So join the fight for freedom and the swift eradication of the Goon hazard! Join in on the slaughter of their cannon-fodder-meat-shields, those poor souls that get used and abused by the worthless bee overlords, those wretched beings that believe the words of their FCs! Join in and take what is yours, for the North will remember those who sided with the victorious! Join in and burn Delve to the ground, stomping out the bees as you take what was theirs!

Yours truly,



This reads for me after a desperate call to find more victims who smash their heads in vain at Delve Fortress

The Goons are not bad, look who is always camping in Niarja…I see mostly TEST and BRAVE

Perhaps, but the sentiment of the OP is correct. These pompous overpowered blue bagel nullsec empires are hard to love.

Tldr ??

TLDR is Goons still live in Delve and whiny blue donut coalition still haven’t attacked Delve properly.

The blue donut in question would very like you to join their bot- and racist- supporting ranks.

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You’d die in Niarja anyways. 99% of those dying have no idea about game mechanics in the first place. You can literally camp Niarja in velator with a point. Get gud nekbeard.

lol ! “attack properly” you’re so cute, can we keep it?

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I’d rather not have racist enablers in my space. Can you leave?

Hey snowflake stop sucking all the air out of the room with the accusation that we’re all somehow racists.

test are definatly racist, the racial hate they were spewing in local when fighting Frat was disgusting, never seen anything like it and hope never to again. (and using the word “snowflake” to attack another person shows what kind of person you are.)

Edit - oh and sorry op for raiding your thread, in enjoyed reading your post ty:)

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I was in the Frat war on both sides and there was a lot of banter, but everytime I saw any instances of racism in local chat the Test executive management came down hard on those players. Frat had their own issues, but mostly the US/Euro/AU guys. The Chinese were actually super nice people. Nihow!

All i can say is you dimwitted twit, is open your f… eyes, the heartbeat of Goons will never die, like a phoenix it will rise out of the ashes and then god help those poor bast… who went up against them. cos in time they will come back and get ya

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But Goons deserve to die. How many people have been griefed out of the game because of Goons? How many exploits has Goon player base used over the years to destroy the game? How much isk has been manipulated, stolen then horded by Goons? Why is it Goons vs Everybody Else? Because Goons are bad for the game. Eve would be a much healthier environment without a single Goon in game.


A Goonswarm FC called Florian133 lost an estimated 3b capsule today. Pandemic Horde will continue to battle the dirty bee from Delve.

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Congratulations you’ve hit the honey pit! I’d like more of that please.

this post isn’t aging well.

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