Catch is dead, Delve is next!

Dear friends, sisters and brothers, I am not a man of many words. So I shall skip to the heartbeat of the post, the jugular:

The Honk has been silenced, Desolate is dead. What we do in the months to come will echo into eternity.

Goons and Dracarys must DIE!!!

Let me say that I am not advocating peace… On the contrary, I say, let your feuds die; let personal quarrels be forgotten, and let us keep our hatred for the common enemy.

Let personal, corporate, alliance interests be ignored, let all our energies be harnessed, let the whole ability and force of New Eden be hurled into the onslaught, and let all the mighty ships of war tug the warmachine forward!

I hope that any of my friends, pilots, former brothers in arms, whose eyes now turn to Catch, Period Basis and Delve, make allowance, all allowance, for any lack of ceremony with which it is necessary to act. And act we must. Now is the time to stand together and rid the south regions of this plague, New Eden will once again be free, the furnaces of war will burn, ships will be lost, resources depleted. But we will see to it that Goons sink into the abyss, never to return.

Word has spread, from free soul to free soul, of the brave pilots who have already laid down their fortunes and fame, not just for your freedom and aspirations, but for the promise this crusade holds. Goons know they will have to break us. But in this ragged patch of space called Catch, the filthy hordes of the sickened bees face obliteration.

In these times, we rescue a world from slavery and tyranny, and usher in a future brighter than anything we can imagine. And last, I would say to you, as I said to those who have already joined this ongoing liberation: ‘I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat’.

And so it begins…

Sooo, is Pandafam going to finally go to war? Or will just be another false start. Asking as an Empire dweller hoping for more null conflicts and less imports from Null.

quite the contary haha

As a member of Brave, which is in the Imperium:

Bring It On.

(and let’s all have fun shooting each other :slight_smile: )