Doing my little bit to help The Imperium


I’ve taken it open my self to start cloaky camping mining ops in the Kalevala Expanse for the foreseeable in an effort to try and disrupt the flow of minerals heading to the front line. Today I forced 15 Covetor and a Porpoise to dock up and log off .

Am I wasting my time or will have any real impact on the outcome of the War? I’m testing the sandbox theory.

If Anyone from the Imperium wants me to target anywhere specifically shoot me some intel in game.

Happy to help

Shark Bait

You wont accomplish anything alone. Recruit friends if you want to make an impact.

Is the war still on?

Has it got interesting yet?

Protip: Unless you’re planning your own drops, wait until someone pays you before camping.

Define ‘interesting’…

Theres been few big fights over deployed keepstars in goon space. Trillions of ISK worth of junk blown to smithereens. Also goons been losing few citadels in delve in recent days.

And to OP: those fights i mentioned, goons alone lost over 1 trillion isk worth of ships every fight and they basically shrugged it off. Horde/test/frat/etc coffers quite likely just as deep. If your solo operation prevents mining of few billion ISK worth of minerals, how big of an impact did you do in grand sceme of things? Not much… And those minerals probably going into personal hangars anyways. There is alliance mining ops, but your small cloaky opration does nothing to those.

Something happening that either makes a difference or means this non-event comes to an end

Nah, nothing too major yet. Another keepstar deployed in delve, maybe they get it online this time and we could call that making a difference (enemy supers would be in delve basically if that happens.).

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I’m not pro/contra goons, this is just a neutral and objective statement:

Every little bit helps.

Asking around if it helps is probably going to make a lot of people try to convince you that it’s useless, but in reality every little bit helps. When you do a little bit, and some other guy does a little bit, and a third guy does a little bit … then you’ve accumulated quite a big “little bit” together.


If you’re making mining groups dock up then you’re helping someway some how.


Hi Shuckstar,

Yeah I found the admin a pain in the hoop to sign up so this seemed the best way.

I have a blops, t3c’s and sabres ready too roll.

Let me know when your in town


If youre doing it in TKE, you are basically mildly inconveniencing nullbears that stayed behind. Might be better places to do this.

EDIT: Good thing is that you can put alt in Horde very easily and listen to their comms if your operation actually is taking any effect…


I want a new main afk cloaker thread …
… where all the afk cloakers gather together …
… and share stories about people whining in local.


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