Drop in Amarr and Caldari ice prices recently

Does anyone know what caused ice prices to drop recently? The biggest drop was in amarr, followed by caldari ice. The other don’t seem to have taken if any hit.

My guess is that the good capitals are less popular in EVE and the very bad pilots are loving the very bad capitals more.
Another guess is that one dude with 8357805780256956791567467854 accounts mines all the ice in empire space at the same time and sells it cheaper.


Test is currently at peace-ish. Test space produces amarr ice. Test just took over perimeter so are shipping there more.

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TEST practically owns Perimeter now

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Oh? I thought they were a nullsec alliance?

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That one is pretty easy to answer: The war of Imperium vs the north has ended.
Goonswarm/Imperium is the main exporter of Amarr ice and they have a lot of free time now.
Also the northern regions are the main source of Caldari ice. Since these regions are not under constant attack anymore, the prices are slowly dropping as it is not too dangerous to mine there anymore.


We are, but we are running out of people to fight right now. So to keep the more trigger happy dinos satisfied we needed something to do. And horde has been printing isk from perimeter for long enough, so why not kill two birds with one stone.

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Ah okay, I can see that.

What would you think about dropping some standings to neutral again or is that too risky?

I miss the times of roaming gangs which met a response wasn’t proper but at least engagable in some sence.
Just two years ago you brought 32 machariels to kill 5 Brutixes, somewhere in Catch. Then we would sneak into brave territory and farm some ratters.

Don’t you miss those days too? Now you always expect the cyno to go of and 50000000 titans landing on your head when you undock an Ibis.


Afaik we’ve reset everyone except legacy coalition in the past few weeks. So currently brave is the only “big” group we are still blue to (everyone else in legacy is small enough that I don’t honestly know their names)

Been getting some decent fights with goons recently. But it’s still been fairly small engagements since the bulk of them are busy punching horde right now.

We do still give good fights to people who roam our space. Just not in esoteria, but if you roam around feythabolis we will generally bring out a roughly even fleet to fight.


Aww I miss this. Brave was always a good sport when we farmed them :slight_smile:

Its kinda cool how politics affects stuff, not just in the region, but globally.

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It could also be because there’s not enough structure being put up Hi security anymore so there’s no fuel blocks being sold it could be a lot of things

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Bots and rorquals

They’re getting the Bots under control I don’t think it’s the rorquals either I don’t think it’s that I think the market is just over flooded with ice right now because there’s less people putting up structures because they’re waiting to see how the new mechanic change for the war declaration is it going to chance thing

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Possibly, but even if the number of Engineering Complexes and Citadels has gone down some, that is more than compensated by the number of Refineries that have gone online, especially in highsec, since the spring:


Plus this price decline started well before the war changes we announced at Vegas pointing at more likely a change in supply, rather than a lack of demand. The decrease though hasn’t been huge and may have even reversed some so it could also just be a normal market cycle of some kind as the economy changes. Ice was actually historically on the pricey side earlier this year so this may just be a return to more normal price.

I think it’s absolutely hilarious that TEST thinks they are mining anywhere near as much amarrian ice as Goons do.

With Blue Ice drop i can plex my d**k with time i have. Very good. Looks like getting back to alpha soon !!!

peace is good for cheap ice. I’m making it a point to stockpile a bit for the next time someone starts a big fight.

Could it be the new nullsec stargates structures that are causing isotopes to drop in price? I don’t know how they work, other than that they use liquid ozone and not isotopes. Could it be because capital ship users are switching to these new stargates, thus no longer needing isotopes to make their jumps?

If that is the case, then CCP should have had the new gates require fuel blocks to be active, not just liquid ozone.

Never said we mined as much. OP asked for a reason why amarr ice was dropping.
I assumed that goons being deployed or not probably has very little impact on how much they mine, and afaik they have always used jita as their primary hub. So their contribution would be fairly stable.

Not being on active deployment does have a noticeable impact on how much we mine in test. And before taking perimeter amarr was our primary selling point. So an increase in the amount of ice produced by us. Coupled with shifting that sales point to jita. Makes sense as a possible reason for the drop in price.
(Even if we only mined 10% as much ice as goons. It’s still an increase in the jita supply)