Looking For Ice Mining and PvP

Hi folks

Been out of the game for a while and seems my old corp died out in the process. Was previously WH, mining gas or anything I could get my greedy little lasers on. Currently chilling in Jita as an Alpha till I find a new home.

I’m thinking I’d like to move over to ice mining these days (but open to suggestions), and dabbling in pvp (though not sure if I should make a second character for that side of it).

In short I’m tired of being the one shot at, and want to be the guy doing the shooting for a change. Never done pvp so would need training and guidance on that.

Edit: to add I’m UK based, and will be fully heading back to New Eden Jan 11th, as I have a business trip prior to that.


Hey man great to see u come back to the game , Ruthless Renegades we are a starter Corp with good perks we our focused in the departments mining mission running, indy , PVP check out our recruitment channel : Ruthless.Rec

@Henry_Jacobs il mail you in game

Hi Henry,
wellcome back to the game again :slight_smile:

I got a question for you. Would you be interested in or consider to participate in roleplay?

Thanks. Will read/respond tomorrow. Out with the family tonight.

Thanks. Will check it out tomorrow/New Years Day

I would indeed

Hi There,

If you are interested in PvP Krypted gaming could be the place for you.

We are active in boith EU and US timezones and run a lot of PvP and are self sustained for isk making.

We mainly fly nano/small gang fleets.

If you are interested come join our discord and we can answer any of your questions.

Fly Safe

Okay :slightly_smiling_face:
That’s welcoming to see that you would be willing to consider it.

I am developing an idea of mine where roleplay & lore is envolved around it.
The roleplay is based on the official eve online loren and it’s timeline but with my player lore as a base for our history that have shaped us and define us for who we are. Where my player lore/story has ended you will continue to write it from your own perspective and create/shape your own story within the player government.
Yes, a player government where players will be going though their day to day lives as a citizen of our
own government/faction. It’s not that far fetched from the reallity. Citizens have a right to vote and political parties will shape the path we will take.
There is some structure to this and i can see this grow into something big later on.

Do have a look on my recruitment post here on the forums and if you feel like it then click that link in there to get to my discord so we can have a chat and a q&a.

check out your ingame mail :smiley:

Hey, we’ve got a few Brits in Total Eclipse alliance (I’m one of them) and our coalition is pretty active in EUTZ. We have plenty of ice to mine and plenty of reds to shoot, and touching the ice tends to bring out the reds so you’ll see both pretty quickly.

We’re very welcoming to new players, every coalition fleet has options for new PvPers to fly so you’re never left out, and I think we’d be a good fit.

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