Ice Prices Dropped

With the abundance of Ice Belt and frequent re spawning, the price of Ice has dropped through the floor and no one is mining any longer. Yes I remember when we were crying for Ice, but this is ridiculous now.
One extreme to the other.
Any idea if CCP is going to tweak this a little? People like me who make isk creating fuel blocks are being squeezed right in the wallet.


Big demand,
High price,
Big production,
Big Supply,
Satisfied demand,
Price drop,
Less production,
Rising demand,

This is a resonance that, all things being equal and unfiddled with by CCP, will dampen out to a reasonable production and pricing level.

It’s a market.


Just remove ice fields from Concord’s jurisdiction. That would probably help.


That’s cold!


:laughing: Perfect.

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If as you say no one is mining ice anymore then the price would rise as demand would be more than supply yes ?
Why should CCP tweak it ? Isnt it supposed to be a player driven market yes.

On a side note do you think all the structures being destroyed on a daily basis might be part of the less demand. Just a thought.


I’ve just learned a bit of PI myself in the past few months. PI is sort of a production Tetris thing. Fun puzzles.

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You’ll have to go and pick it up some time… :stuck_out_tongue:

“There’s not enough ice”

ice gets increased

“There’s too much ice”

Jesus fck.


CCP did skew there own projections somewhat by still doubling supplies while lessening the effect of wastage I think . :thinking:

You can include Morphite in this thread as well - it dropped a couple of weeks ago

Too much ice
not enough ice
Too much ice
not enough ice
Too much ice
not enough ice
Too much ice
not enough ice


CCP are not responsible for the wild swings in ice price. Its a natural swing due to people gathering all they can when the price is high, which in itself causes the price to fall as there is then so much of it, which in turn leads to less mining or people stocking up the stuff…which causes the price to rise again.

Wherever there is greed you will get such a cycle. One need only look at the stock markets.


It’s amazing to read all the replies a few people hit it on the head, most just replied to what they think they read, others just replied because they had nothing better to do. lol

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Solipsism much . . lol

Players getting exactly what they asked for.

Still not happy.


People keep claiming “scarcity isn’t over” and then start freaking out that the price of materials is dropping.


The increase in ice is because of the doubling or ore. Will it change? Who knows, maybe in a few years CCP will scale back the ore sizes. Until then there is going to be an over abundance of all ores as long as people mine it.
Possibly this means in the future there will be changes that increase the need for ice but I cannot see them reducing the amount of ice any time soon.

You need to diversify if this is all you do to make isk. The market always fluctuates. Need to spread out your income so that when one dips like Fuel Blocks you still have other sources coming in.


“We want more ore!”

Supply increases and thus prices drop

“surprised pikachu!”



i dont know i think maybe but it is hard to say