Why is the Loot table in in favor of CCP

I really just don’t understand I’ve been playing eve now for just over two years and it is 100% an economics game but you can’t play this game as a new player without money how do you expect someone to take $0.00 and then take a $200 million ship into ******* an abyssal to get $1,000,000 out of it the risk reward in this game is completely unbalanced it doesn’t make any sense for anyone new to play this game unless you have a credit card CCP makes it so a new player is completely ****** the money value in this game doesn’t make any sense $100 million is nothing in this game that’s like $1,000,000 having a billion dollars in this game is nothing and it would take a new bro an alpha or Omega player to get a billion dollars months if they didn’t credit card their account so why is the loot so ****** whi is it when you’re a regular player you can’t just go find it that’s worth money it’s because CCP wants you to spend your credit card and I didn’t want to think this at first but it’s no different than Star Citizen tell me differences 20 years of the scam here prove me wrong

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It’s Isk. Beyond that little gripe:

There are many ways to make isk and that includes options for new(er) characters because it’s not so much about skill points but mostly a knowledge and effort thing. I’m sure most veteran players could start a fresh alpha account and have it up and running just fine in a few weeks or even days. Also, isk isn’t super important unless you want it to be, which brings me to my next point.

You’re in a large null group which tend to have a massive amount of super sweaty, 5+ account isk grind players who have been playing for 5, 10 or 15+ years. They take that ■■■■ serious and so they make the big iskies through brain effort, planning or just sheer grinding. That’s not for everyone and most of the time people who like to play that way end up finding ways to do it on their own. The fact that you haven’t (yet) might just mean that it’s not really your thing so perhaps you shouldn’t focus on that too much. It’s generally a case of people wanting to be where some people are but unwilling to put in the effort of getting there. Also a lot of people brag, lie and defend their choices so perhaps just ignore it.

You can do just fine in cheaper & smaller ships (to me it’s actually more fun but that will be different for others), you don’t need the big space bucks and you don’t have to try and hang with super sweat lords who have been playing for 15+ years who are trying to paint as if what they do is the norm, or even a goal to pursue.


Sounds like someone wanting to make billions for zero effort. Yawn.


You mean like…did you get your 129m ISK share of the loot from that 1.5bn Ikitursa on May 24th ?

As for whining about noobs in 200m ISK ships only getting 1M ISK in an abyssal…a noob in a free Venture can make that much in 20 minutes of mining.




Stop doing it wrong. If you use a 200M ship to make Abyssals that return you 1M, you clearly don’t know what you are doing.

Also for the love of god learn how to write sentences, use interpunctation and paragraphs. To read your rant makes intelligent peoples brains hurt.


I already have smoke coming out of my ears.


Calm down miner.


Some thieving git has apparently stolen the OP’s entire stock of punctuation.


Those cost $5 each, he can’t afford them.


I would reply to @Akomi_S if it wasn’t for the fact, we won’t hear from them.

In the vain hope this prevents the next one… the house always wins. ISK in this game is no different than the hundreds of other online games. The game needs ISK sinks. Sinks remove the ISK from circulation to prevent inflation. Governments don’t just print money, they also destroy it.

Loot drops from ships, NPCs, or you run missions and ISK is printed for you by the quest provider. To allow all that ISK to stay in the game would make parts and ships even more expensive than they already are at present. The market has a 10.3% tax (8% without broker fees) when you sell an item that fee makes the ISK disappear. Over on Black Desert, I pay 35% tax on my goods sold. If I buy a monthly Value Pack for $15, the tax is only 15% but it is still there.

I am currently playing this game about 4 hours a day, I am retired, I haven’t spent one dime on it. As you progress you get better at making ISK. When I started I felt like 10 million ISK was a lot, now than I am sitting on 3 billion, 10 million seems like very little. There are tons of ways for any alpha to make ISK without ever doing PvP and buying a 200 million battle cruiser. Currently I own several battleships and they never saw any PvP combat. Back in November I anchored my own private station inside a wormhole to see what I could do. It was destroyed in January. So in February I bought and deployed another.

I have read rants like this many times over the last 2 decades about online games. This one is no different than the countless others. I hope whoever reads this learns not to make more of the same.

Have fun!


Is this the same guy that Yeeted 10 Nomads the other day?
There are way better ways to get rid of 500b…

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No I won’t prove you wrong because OPs like you don’t read their own content and run when people tell you things other than your info.

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first: nobody is expected to do anything!
if you are a newbie 100million ISK is a Ton of money! … so your comparision is completely off.

if you feel like you have to go do abyssal’s thats your choice, having 0 ISK balance is not the games fault, its just the fact that you failed to get basic steps done which granting you quite a bit of cash to play with. so the game does provide new players/newbies pretty well.

your “orientation” doesn’t require any isk or skills at all, and it lets you do most things the game has to offer for free, as the agents will provide you with everything you may need (including the ships to do it)

additionally you could invert your argument and complaining that making 20million in a 1.0 sec system with a 600k venture in less than 10 minutes (which you can do, repeatetly) is not fair too … strangely i haven’t hear anyone come up with that complaint.

why everyone thinks this game is a Job, it’s supposed to be fun, and fun doesn;t cost you billions.
plus even a alpha can do easy 100-300mill in a day never leaving highsec.


Funny, I’m thinking about making a rags to riches account

basiclly an Ironman account :smiley:


that should be more like this :
"I want YOU to use your credit card,
so I can buy Plex for ISK instead of Freedom$ to get my Omega from CCP" :wink:

Abyss is horrible for newbies, it is unforgiving, even the proven fits require lot of knowledge and one mustn’t afk inside, if something happens ILR and you have to do something for a while, then you died.

I hate that content and I ignore it. You should too.

If you want to earn isk, go exploration. That is fastest and most efficient way for a day 1 noob to get some ISK. All you have to do is to do career missions, collect AIR Career rewards and then apply the Exploration Expert Skills package - with that it is possible to do a hard (red) cans inside wh or i nullsec. It is not exactly easy, but defiitely doable. One such site can net you 20+min and the price of the ship is about 2.5m.

The best is to for a newbie in highsec is to do security missions, but there is an early grind to get access to level 3 and level 4 missions, and you need decent skills too. Some lvl 3 are really hard and Gnosis can’t tank it without very good skills. And level 4 needs battleship. Lowsec belt ratting is easier, but you still some gunnery/missile/ship skills and it is riskier obviously.

If you are new, join a corporation for new players and start there, they should help you further. And if they tell you to mine for ISK run from there :wink: .


well if we have a new player with the OP’s attitude, he sure gets told to mine :wink:

Otherwise we invite new players into the homefront FLeet, and they will have 100-200mill on day 1
get some insight about fleet mechanics, get to know some corp mates, have som fun while listening to BS on comms, total investment 0 isk.

Eve is a social game after all isn’t it :wink:


Damn that is quite lucrative. I forgot about the new content.

When my ex got into Eve I simply had her get into a noctis, she was omega and destroyer or hurricane will do the trick for alphas, and had her clean up L4 missions for me and I gave her all the stuff and she had fun figuring out how to get rid of it in market or melt it for later usage etc. It gave her a taste of the markets, missions, starting to figure out manufacturing side of things as well as a chill way to chat about stuff in new eden without too much stress or effort on her own time and pace. Then we took her to NPC null when she had a good enough bankroll and character progression that suited her playstyle and income sources.
Course she had past experience with gaming, grinding, builds of characters and such so she wasnt starting from scratch in that sense. I think that sort of interaction can be great for any newbie in Eve really. And now theres more things to do to branch off that initial stuff you start doing as a group.