Why ice prices have dropped so low?

In the past year or so, ice prices have dropped by nearly 50%. This dropped seem to be in line with when the new jumpgates were added. I suppose it would make sense that with many capitals now using the jump gate networks, ice demand would drop greatly. The new jump gates use very little ice to run.

I really don’t know why CCP didn’t make the new jump gates use a lot more ice as fuel than they did. A lot of people mine ice but it has became such low income now.

Currently it’s on a very bad low. It has had its ups and downs over time, eventually going back up in price again. That’s because eventually something was always changed to increase demand.

I haven’t been paying attention specifically to Ice, but are Ice products even in significant demand?

I don’t know of any major sov / capital wars that are taking place that would require consumption of Strontium and LO. Given how much peace there has been in all of New Eden, I’m also certain there’s already a huge surplus of compressed Ice being stockpiled already.

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Basic supply and demand. Demand spiked with Citadels but you don’t need factories, labs, markets, etc… everywhere so a lot are scaling back and using less fuel. Now we have a glut until people stop making it and the surplus dries up.

And you have fleets of multiboxers mining the ice that spawns in high sec systems constantly.


I picked up some goods about 20 jumps out, while doing so I dropped into ice belts (high sec), and discovered battleship(s), guarding ice belts obviously bumpers, 2 belts one system, one belt being mined the other being guarded by a bump ship.

I’m surprised ice hasn’t gone up with people denying others the ability to mine it, it’s too bad CCP won’t put a single cube in various missions so that others could mine instead of dealing with people who have the time to bump others out, maybe a cube of only 15 pieces, enough for an endurance.

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That would just make prices lower because more people would be flooding the market with this new source of Ice…

Yup, I know, just saying.

EvE should be balanced so, that we have shortages in most resources and it requires organization and defense to gather those.

EvE is balanced so, that we have abundance in most resources and it requires not much defense to gather those.

Yup, i know, just saying.

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This is really out of control, they need to nerf that Ice so it spawns in different systems.


And this is with resource depletion; ice used to be static. CCP preserved the solar systems where ice could be found, when they changed it to move around in that solar system.

CCP shouldn’t do anything, it’s a consumption problem as Scoots writes. People would be back here crying, if a major war broke out but CCP had nerfed ice spawns.

You know what would be neat?

Exploding ice.

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Mercox ice?

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:musical_note: Go and take trip in your favorite rocket ship :notes: :rocket:… to your local ice-belt and discover why.

It’s not like that’s a bad thing. More ice means more content at cheaper in-game cost. Just because you play-to-PLEX and might have to actually pay $15 / month (OH NOOOO!!! :scream:) to play the game doesn’t mean anything is wrong. In fact it means the game is working. Players are doing what they want (in most cases… RIP blue-donut F1 monkeys :weary:).

Your inability to corner a formerly untapped market is nobody’s problem but yours.


Go fix that peace already

In ARK I would rig c4 to metal nodes so when your big expensive Quetz/Anky came to farm you all died.

Ahhh…ARK. Miners should have it so good.

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So people haven’t figured out how to really profit from war in EvE, yet? Is that why the status quo is maintained? Stockpiling arms and then selling them to warring parties could be a business. You could have spies infiltrating the largest alliances and inciting trouble, causing wars, etc. Ever been done? I’m not much into EvE news.

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You can try, but you will never succeed in this. The top management of most major alliances are all friends with one another and have multiple checks in place to prevent war from taking place.

It’s all been done…repeatedly…players are tired and bored, because the game still has the same issues it had 5 years ago.

I don’t really care to, but you’re more than welcome to try. Maybe you can spam PI threads at them nullsec alliances and see if you can start a war.

My Pi makes me richer than you while not playing the game.

That’s all that matters lol.