Miner Strike?

Wonder what would happen if we could get miners, and specifically ice miners to stop selling their product in response to the ongoing and upcoming mining nerfs?

If nobody sold ice for a while then stations would have issues staying fueled.


Please do. It would make my ice more valuable.


You’ll never get the botters and RMT’ers to stop mining ice…


What would happen is every ice miner sayings let’s do that but secretly their greasy thumbs will be out mining even harder to take advantage of predicted shortages and price jumps. Since all of them are greed monsters who are aware of this they would be basically pretending to strike while actually mining twice and hard and what would happen is the supply and competition would multiply and prices end up even lower and costs even cheaper than they were before the strike because like all miners in game they just want to say one thing and do another.

Like when they claim to unsub their accounts but secretly just working out how to expand their multibox/input/botter operation to take advantage of people they believe might actually rage quit because of changes in game.

Makes sense from a miner’s point of view I would bet.


Well, I agree with you partially. But I’m not saying stop mining for ice, just stop selling what is mined in order to create a fuel shortage.

If people kept mining but stopped selling, the prices for ice would increase as a result, making the ice you’re sitting on more valuable over time.

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Yeah but since people are hording they will want to get ISK as soon as possible which is every miners dream they don’t care how much ISK they can get later they want every ISK they can get every second which is why most miners complain about the changes rather than understanding the bigger picture is these nerfs will make all their mining worth more in the end.

Problem with hording is the longer you wait to sell and the more others horde the smaller the window to make ISK when the ice will be worth more because others like yourself will then promptly dump thier supply on the market vigorously competing to sell at a higher price but what ends up happening is you just create an even bigger wave to raise supply and crash prices back down faster and faster as they compete.

By the time those horders decide to sell there will be twice as much volume selling on the market and prices once they drop will push even harder below what they were worth before the drought.

the only time when this outcome works in your favor is when nobody else is doing it but like all miners they only see what is in front of them at any moment they cannot think that if they simply wait maybe there will be something of value to gain they are greedy pigs that just want to mine out the game and flood the market and push prices down harder and faster than is humanly possible for every tiny margin they can gain in that exact moment.

More miners rage quitting is actually a benefit in this scenario because once those min-max’ers are crushed and swept out of the game normal players can go out and get a decent value for their time and effort invested as a regular player instead of these mining behemoths that immediately think they just want to make more ISK, more clones, more accounts, more mining, more production, sell, sell, sell, buy, buy, buy. They are their own worst enemy and the more they invest both time, effort and ISK the less and less they are making in ratio to what they put into it just doing more in scale but getting less in detail.

Problem is botters and input broadcasters don’t care how much less they get because they are still getting a result for almost no or minimal effort. They won’t be satisfied until the game is completed in it’s ruin by their ludicrous intentions.

The self destructive cycle of massively overproduced industrial complex.

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Then other miners would get more profit.


I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. With less ore you can demand a higher price. Less work bigger Isk.

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What nerf are you talking about? There may be a limit to supply, but that will only raise values. Mining will see a slight buff in the ISK/m3 area.


The fact they are purposely nerfing all forms of mining in order to allegedly make it better in the future.

A fabulous idea OP!!

In order for this to work you need a way to deal with strike breakers obviously. So what you are going to do is you convince all your miner friends to create a new gank alt, and train for max damage Catalyst here is a guide for the skill progression http://www.minerbumping.com/2015/10/catalyst-training-under-new-system.html?m=1 (not sure if this is up to date, but at least you have the skill list)

And then when you have ganked your first criminal miner (you find more info on how to gank on the same page I linked under the section “gank”) you join up with CODE. and help us weed out the evil strike breakers!

That will show the community and CCP once and for all how important miners are!!

What do you say? Plan?


As @Gowa_Hyasyoda points out greed will be an issue so the only way to ensure this works is every miner contract me everything you mine so I can hold onto it and release it back to you once the strike is over. This way there will be no supply left yet you still can mine and keep what you mine but will be unable to sell it during the strike period.



Please do, but such “soladirity” is really unrealistic .

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sadly i’ve almost considering coming back, and creating a CODE. alt… that way my 92mil SP pve bear stays untouched.

Yeah go for it. At least you will have some fun in this game for once :smiley:

i’ve had plenty of fun in this game via pvp and pve with friends. just figured id look for something different for a while.

Won’t happen. Accounts won’t plex themselves.

Let’s gank these lil care bears goddammit!

How has nobody ever thought of this before?!!!


I’m tear’n up, that’s the most beautiful thing I ever saw. :heart_eyes: