White Glaze market on the freefall

So, it looks like White glaze is taking a nose dive in the market… supply has far over-come demand, and is now fetching a fraction of what it once did. End of an era?

I think it’ll stabilize. It’ll be interesting to see if the ice bot fleet is affected.

but there is not much ice out there at the moment…

I saw the filthy space French complaining about it.

Maybe its a conspiracy?

The reason that ice prices are in freefalling is because most station have been unanchored but players continue to mine ice. If there is little to no demand for ice, why continue to mine ice?

CCP’s economy team is bad joke and I would not trust them to run a lemonade stand.


Yeah? Now lets see if Blue Ice will ever spawn again in Everyshore or anywhere else Gallente space high sec. Seen one belt in low sec and that is about it.