White Glaze market on the freefall

So, it looks like White glaze is taking a nose dive in the market… supply has far over-come demand, and is now fetching a fraction of what it once did. End of an era?

I think it’ll stabilize. It’ll be interesting to see if the ice bot fleet is affected.

but there is not much ice out there at the moment…

I saw the filthy space French complaining about it.

Maybe its a conspiracy?

The reason that ice prices are in freefalling is because most station have been unanchored but players continue to mine ice. If there is little to no demand for ice, why continue to mine ice?

CCP’s economy team is bad joke and I would not trust them to run a lemonade stand.


Yeah? Now lets see if Blue Ice will ever spawn again in Everyshore or anywhere else Gallente space high sec. Seen one belt in low sec and that is about it.

It will be interesting to see how major factions in the eve-verse respond from this period of abundant materials at a lower cost. Almost as if the surplus is seeding another massive war to come.

Meanwhile, large scale fleet mining will survive the day, while the lone ship will having trying times ahead… perhaps a recession of sorts.

Definitely time to buy up all of the low cost ice at market, if you speculate on a tightening of the belt in patches to come.

There is demand for the ice… there was much talk about it before the industry patches. Now, the supply outweighs demand. Historically, ccp will ebb and flow supply to give the market more of a realistic challenge.

Yes there is still demand for ice but it a lot less demand then before the station core patch and a LOT less demand after CCP nerfed high sec moons to pointless. Hey CCP is free to do what ever they want with EVE but all the players that pulled down station are free of fuel/ice bills.

LOL, CCP does not do anything to market. CCP once took direct action in the market for price fixing of null sec minerals years ago. Yes the market ebb and flows but CCP has driven the economy into the ground because they are not competent. It has cost them players and it has cost us less people to interact with.

Thats incorrect… With ice in particular, last year, they created scarcity with the diminished respawns of ice. After player feedback they increased supply, and now doubled supply as well as respawn frequency… that is the essence of my ebb and flow argument. Removing or adding supply, has a direct effect on the commodities that trade in the eve market. when CCP makes a change to how industrialists can create things, as they did recently to how ships are built, this also

IF, the demand was severely decreased, on the heals of a doubling of supply, then, in theory, there would be next to no buyers and the price would be sub 100k… That said, it may dip down past that mark if mobile compression becomes a thing, due to increased production across the board/

Im not going to entertain CCP bashing… it seems like a cop out rather than to understand that things change, and the true solution is to evolve with the market, regardless of what is happening in it. If i hated a game , i simply wouldnt play. it… This is a fun game IMO and i give CCP credit for taking risks and trying new things…

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