Why are some ships selling for so cheap?

I’m a small industrialist and I love building ships and selling them on the market, however I don’t understand why the prices on some of these ships have hit rock bottom. For example Vexors were selling for around 11.5M now you can buy them for less than 10M. Aren’t resources supposed to be thin and thus driving up the price of these ships? I don’t get it, please help. Should I hold on selling more ships until the market corrects?

Minerals have found a new low bottom, scarcity is over…Everything is either already low or still falling in value.

They’re selling for lower because that’s what they’re worth in the market where you’re selling them.

i think scarcity caused deflation in mineral prices because big ships got far more complex to build and their mineral requirements got reduced greatly. a couple of examples are the orca and the abaddon. pre-scarcity, orcas took about 45m trit with 10/20 component bpos and the appropriate rigs. now they require 3m trit. abaddons needed about 12m trit with 10me and now need about 7.1m. in fact all bses had their trit requirements cut almost in half.

i think reducing mineral requirements while also reducing minerals available from ore while also greatly increasing the complexity and difficulty of building large ships is what caused mineral deflation. the reduced requirements cut demand pretty directly. the increased complexity, and the giant leap in required skills, probably pushed a lot of people out of the cap building business as well. the only reason that’s important is because cap building soaked up a lot of minerals, thus hitting the market pretty hard when that demand went away.

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There are a lot of reasons why prices fluctuate. Sure there have been the ecosystem changes, but there’s also just the fact that the playerbase has adapted after some time. Some of the supply might be coming from players who have held onto stockpiles and are just trying to liquidate. Maybe some of them have utilized maximum refine alts to squeeze out more minerals from compressed ore, allowing them to build and sell at more competitive prices. A major war just concluded in nullsec too, with one party planning a major move operation, while another party is focusing on a rebuilding. So that can have a huge impact on supply/demands of materials.

This is something you’re just gonna have to figure out on your own, unfortunately.

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Eve & CCP game theory is actually interesting.

‘‘The minerals I mine are free, the plex I buy for $ is free’’, mentality.

The majority of Eve industry turns over at a loss as industrialists cover their losses with IRL $ plex purchases, why do players do this? I dunno you pay $15 pcm or whatever and you get to feel like a productive capitalist industrialist rather than the chump you actually are, it’s a game EVE markets are for funsies, many are subsidised by PLEX purchases so don’t make any sense.

There are profit turn overs to be made, one option is to go deep into complex productions ie, capitals ect. One of the other common options & by far the lowest IQ denominator option is to find something barely profitable with a high demand then N+1 the heck out of it with multiple accounts and/or bots.

Eve is designed to be n+1 that is one of the game theory hooks, all grind activity is designed around the solo player using multiple accounts or bots.

They give you just enough profit to make you think, ‘‘ah if I sub 10 accounts, skill them up for 3 months, then I will be able to be self sustaining.’’, before these chumps realise they’ve blasted several 100 or even 1000 $'s on a 20 year old MMO. The point in which too many peeps become profit making is when CCP patch it out of profitability. Ie, the poverty patching, anti Rorqual patching, skill farming patching, Abysal multi boxing & what ever troglodyte N+1 smooth brain activity is next, I think I heard something about Orca’s in high sec or some sort of gas farming? I dunno my brain hurts at how dumb these followers are.

The N+1 game theory really came to fruition in Ascension 2016, it has been wildly successful for CCP’s IRL 1/4 turn over but at great cost to the long term future of the sandbox. The nullsec ‘‘leadership’’ are happy to spread CCP’s new gimmick as their own theory crafted ‘‘optimal ISK generation plan’’ while getting ‘‘content creator’’ referral bonuses to the N+1 smooth brain train. Some idiots might actually think they’ve come up with the plan themselves & not Hilmar’s bois.

[citation needed]


Ignore him it’s his gimmick, he’d ask for citation that the sky is blue, even when provided with evidence by the truck load he will still hold his bizarre world position so I’ll be providing none.

To be fair saying most of eve industry is loss making subsidised by plex purchasing was a generalisation. There is certainly both ISK, PLEX & IRL $ to be made playing eve industry but for many players they will encounter loss makers in many markets.

Your smooth brain ‘‘the mins I mine are free, the plex I buy is free’’ Industrial types & T2BPO holders will see very many tight margins for those wishing to make actual real turn overs in ISK/$ ratios.

Even when in the black many margins are so tight the competitive nature will insure that industry is only positively turned over by those optimising the patented CCP N+1 smooth brain train program. For that your gonna need the best POS boosts, logistics, ect, ect & a n+1 account train that will make your average casual gamer looking for turnover puke.

There are casual industrial profits out there in eve but they are a gem to find. The corrupt moderation of the Eve sandbox, CCP game theory (n+1) & T2BPO made me take one look at Eve industry and I ran the other way. I play eve for interesting brain puzzlers, adventures & oddities which can be found in other areas of the game such as the markets.

Industry in eve is not puzzling or an adventure it is an exercise in autism & cronyism. N+1 is the go to trump card, throwing more accounts at any issue or crying to CCP for more leg ups is the end game of industry.

May I ignore you too?

Get out of my little closed world, please.

So you don’t even know what you’re talking about.
Edit: on second thought, this person needs professional help.

One can fully explore a hobby or topic before making a decision to indulge time into it on a permanent basis.

As for help, takes one to know one. Seriously, your posting on Eve-O is delusional at best.

But I should have added the prefix that Eve online is a game, it is even acknowledge by CCP as a non competitive game and that they have no intention of moderating it fairly. You should know this before undertaking any eve industrial project as eve industry has several handicaps pitted against new players or those unconnected to CCP.

Read about T2BPO’s before you enter eve industry, most competitive gamers will ‘‘nope’’ right out of eve industry upon finding out about them. There are so many quality games out there that do industry well, why would you want to do it in EVE a MMO that handicaps new players?

The ore I mine is free

Inties saw a huge drop acroose the board several weeks ago. Thats eve

So is the Plex you buy. Brock Khans is 100% the sort of player that lives to these statements, you can see by his Eve-O posts. He is trying to be sarcastic but really looking at his Eve-O posts he is well entrenched with those players.

Ok, I take that offer. Just make the contract.

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You sound awfully a lot like a yet-another Brewlar alt, did another account get banned already?

Oh. You’re one of the people who thinks that T2 BPOs are actually able to produce enough to have a significant impact on the market. That explains why you don’t seem to know much.

Oh you are one of those people who thinks CCP’rs have the right to dump multi trillions of assets to there mates. Ahhh & may Eve online remain as far from E-sport as online gaming gets.

Yes I do believe in many fields that the T2BPO’s & copies there of completely dominate markets, as they do. With T2BPO production able to completely fill all demand in some markets, as they do.

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