Why do some ships cost more to produce than to mine?

Why do some ships cost more to produce than to mine?

Eg Orca production cost on a 10/20 BPO 1.2B yet it cost 1.02b on the public market.
This is for alot of other ships and items too.

Am i overseeing something?

Or is this bcs ppl are stupid?

Also another example the Eagle.

Production cost on a 10/20 BPO

184M yet on market it costs 116m

bpo have unlimited runs and can be invited so that the ship cost less

wdym invited?

more like research you can lower the time and material cost plus make you’re own buy orders

I was talking about fully resarched BPOS it said 10/20

oh but are you going of sale orders or buy orders?

direct buy

yeah just make you’re own buy orders or make a couple contracts with mining corps wink wink

Evepraisal - Appraisal 15u0rj: 178.67 Million Buy / 166.45 Million Sell

Even with buy orders it would not be less than the ship costs

The price of ships is player driven, so its possible for a ship to be underwater at a single location price wise, if someone is willing to part with the item for less than it cost to built currently. Remember that when they built the item, prices of minerals may have been different as well.

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Not everything on the market has been built with the current market mineral prices.

Perhaps someone is cleaning his hangar after years and just wants to get rid of his Orca fast, so they sell it for the cheapest price on the market. For them the current build price is irrelevant.

There’s many reasons people sell ships on the market, not only because someone has built one just now, or has built one there. It could have been built another time, another place, for another price, or been looted from someone, been traded, gifted… all you know is that the ship is currently on the market because the current owner wants to trade it for ISK.


Yes, this doesn’t make sense, and I’ve spent much less time at the game because of it. The explanations given are also unsatisfactory. My own take on it is there is no way that I can’t be sure CCP is not providing Orca’s on the market on those below water prices in some misguided belief that this is good for the game. The assurances given that this isn’t happening is like the US Whitehouse press briefings

What a strange conspiracy theory.




Then go out there and join the people that blow up Orcas. It will drive the prices up.

You are 100% correct.

CCP does this and it’s called reimbursement after a gank. Players get told by other players it is „Ok“ to go whining to CCP to have their loss reimbursed. Not all of us think this way though.

Orcas are a big target, and people get ganked and lose them, or pilot in lowsec and lose them. Nevertheless, they put in a ticket to CCP, and CCP „just this one time“ reimburses the loss. That is an Orca returned for free at zero cost, conjured out of thin air, which requires zero minerals.

Players have documented this behavior, especially when other players gloat.

I say all this not to discourage you, but instead to encourage you to find likeminded players in the game. CCP works hard to ruin their own game, players like us shoot / gatecamp / pirate to help the economy in spite of them and their overt changes to get rid of piracy over the years, and erasure of „the P word“ from their history and marketing material.

Who cares if others call it a conspiracy „theory“, we see players getting unfair market advantages via reimbursement that harms miners and industrialists alike, and we have to up the destruction to fix their own ■■■■■■■■.

Shooting stuff and hunting people takes time and patience, and gets you back in the saddle.

I’ve bought my Orca more than 2 years ago for less than 800m ISK. CCP changed the building and mining requirements (e.g. Core, lowsec ores) in the last 2 years, but I think there are still many “cheap” Orcas around.
I’ve mainly used it for firework parades (the bursts are magnificent firework), I prefer mining in Barges, Exhumers, and especially Expedition Frigs, which are cheaper if ganked.
And additionally, obtaining ore and minerals in a large corp is a question of time and efficiency, not money.

Perhaps I do not fully understand what you mean, but an Orca is still way above 2b ISK in Jita:

Did they offer the Orca in Podion? That’s a luring offer, they hope to shoot you.
If an offer is ridiculously cheap, something other than money is more important for the offerer - or it’s a scam. Always check twice:

  • Name of the good (perhaps it’s a Velator called ORCA)
  • Number of digits (Millions, Trillions, so many zeros…)
  • Location of trade (Ooops, in deepest Nullsec?)
  • Accessible structure? (Wait, I can’t dock?)

Maybe. But most builders are pretty savvy. Savvy and patient.

When there’s a glut on the mineral market you build 10 freighters for next to nothing for example. Then you sit on them for six or eight months when you can sell at a profit even though it’s under the current build cost.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


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