Been looking into production and found some insane outliers


This is more information and questioning thread than anything else.

I’ve been trying to get into a lot of production lately, primarily as a solo since I own about six hundred different BPOs from my early days in eve.

And I noticed something odd about Mining Crystals that some of the T1 version of the crystal is selling on the market for roughly between 50-80% below the cost of production.

Example cases:

  • Variegated Asteroid Mining Crystal Type A I:
    Production cost 300.000-340.000 | Sell Cost 61.000-109.000
  • Complex Asteroid Mining Crystal Type A I:
    Production cost 369.000-416.000 | Sell Cost 50.000-171.000

And I was wondering if crystals blueprints have had their production cost increased lately, or if people are just generally stupid at selling them at a major loss.

As it is it’s much cheaper for me to buy T1 crystals from the market over building them to then produce T2 crystals and sell them for a 3-4% profit (after taxes). Whereas trying to build T1 Crystals incurs a massive loss.

I noticed a lot of these inconsistencies across many industry products.

Could these be the ones still on the market from before they all changed?

Some orders have been set up less than a day ago.
If it’s leftover stock from before mining crystals got changed and mining crystals used to be much cheaper. Then it does make sense. Still stupid that people then sell it below production cost.

If I had the isk and the insanity a quick way to make isk would be to buy every single crystal on market and resell them at 3 times the price at their actual production cost.

That said it would not surprise me some people don’t actually calculate production cost, build crystals, and then sell them at a stupidly low price because that is where the market price is at.

Could they be doing so for an extended period to control the market and then Jack up the prices when everyone stopped bothering making them?

When individual crystals were converted into the group types, every existing crystal in the game was converted into the new A type for its group.

This created a giant supply of A type crystals. Compounding this, I believe the market demand for B type crystals is higher.

Lots of supply and low demand for the A type.


I use A’s, sometimes B’s if pressed for time, when mining for myself simply due to waste mechanics. I use C’s if I want to multibox swarm through and ravage the belts in a system to deny others ore, as I only care that the rocks disappear quickly and not how much ore they give.

When running public fleets I generally ask everyone to use A’s to avoid unnecessary waste to ensure everyone gets some ore and we get the most value from the rocks.

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