Why do this CCP?

Why publicly release in depth details about the new upcoming changes to industry ?
I am a new player and was currently training for a Raven so I can do level 4 missions . When I got into the game the price for one was about 250 million ISK , now the price is about 400 million ISK and there’s not a lot of them on the market.
Training towards it my only other options are Raven Navy Issue and Scorpion Navy Issue, but those are simply way too expensive for me .
You just made the old player richer , the players that bought all of the Ravens from the market just to relist them as overpriced and hurt the new players like me .
I regret purchasing 3 months of omega , but it is what it is , it was for the last time .
Thank you for the scam bait C.C.C.P. !
Great company ! I hope PA sells you to a company from Africa !


Sure did. And as an old player, I’m fine with it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Buy more PLEX.

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I’ve contracted you a Raven free of charge, welcome to Eve fella. o7


Course It’s located 2 systems into losec…:wink:
That was a nice gift; well played.

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Why would that be a bad thing?

They notified us because they don’t want to immediately cause people to be unable to build things, people can now plan ahead to get things ready, its why the blueprints are coming out ahead of the actual change, to give people a chance to prepare, its always going to happen anytime CCP announce changes, they also get the benefit of feedback the more advanced notice they give


Because changes that affect players need to be announced so that we can plan for them and accept the inevitable, maybe profit from them and come to forum to make fun at the whiners and the entitled.

You can do lvl4 missions in another ship. Raven is for losers.

Ever heard of inflation? If you have no isk to buy a 400-isk ship then buy a 200-isk ship and make do with it…or don’t. Either way, we don’t care.

There are new players who are rich too. Pull out that bank card and become CCP’s best friend.

No one forcing you to buy expensive ships, it’s all on you.

Good thing you didn’t decide on year’s subscription then. There’s always worse.

You’re welcome. Hope to see you again soon.

Hey, Africa is beautiful. I only spent 6 months there but I wouldn’t mind working there full time. The Chinese pay well.

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Check your contracts in game this so called dog has given you a free Raven battleship.


When I started, the Raven was below 150 million for the hull.

It went up.

I adapted.

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I don’t think he wants a free Raven, he wants to complain.


Not telling people about the industry changes was not an option.

And even if they didn’t, it would just kick the can down the road to the next set of noobs. I know you don’t care about that because you’re such a self absorbed scrub, but look at it from ccp’s perspective. Doesn’t matter when they announced the changes or whether they told no one at all. There will always be winners and losers.


If someone told me I could get free battleships by making whine posts, I’d be pumping out a few dozen per day.


I absolutely hate the industry changes, having said that I have made quite a few billion in profits. Many battleships have changed hands/blueprints/and PI materials. Giving away ships is not a daily occurrence but I can understand why the OP lost his ■■■■, damn I even unsubbed and I have made a shed load of isk just on the speculation.


Change happens.

I was planning on buying my first carrier one of these days. But then this change was announced, so I guess I’ll wait, because I don’t have that amount of ISK. At least my PI will pay better soon.

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Shut up and contract me a Hyperion.


I appreciate you trying to help me ! I just want to point out in here for the others that you were for real , you actually contracted me a Raven for 0 ISK . The contract was not like those scamming contracts that you see in Jita local market , but I will have to reject it as I am uninstalling this game .
I wish you all the best in real life ! You are a good person.

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Yes I have just had the contract rejected damn fella, I know your angry but damn. Give it a try seriously move out of Jita and the surrounding environs. Eve is an awesome game it takes time and a lot of patience is all.


I like how when a player posts a rage-quit thread because they got ganked, the white knights and their yappy-dog supporters come out in full force to do honorable forum battle against all the sociopath PvP griefer scumbags, but when a player posts a rage-quit thread because they can’t afford to buy a ship after the miserly cashbears jacked up the prices on everything to try to squeeze out some rookie’s last two shekels for their own personal benefit, everyone goes quiet, or worse yet, starts actively antagonizing the guy.

Makes ya think. :thinking:


Yes, it certainly does.