Reddit = Test // 4chan =?


As we know test Alliance is a reddit based EVE Guild.

Goonswarm is
(Literally your semi cool boomer uncle that cant get over the “good old days”)

I was wondering if there is a 4Chan based Guild.
We could recruit from /pol/ , /sci/ and /biz/ mainly.
Pol could be in charge of PVP. Sci of industry and biz do the micromanagement.

So who is the official 4chan EVE Guild and if there is non. We should make one.

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What’s next, a QAnon based “guild”? Thanks, but no thanks. I would, in all earnestness, rather see a corp based off of TikTok.


a corp based off TikTok would be truly amazing

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Yes or Stormfront

Thing is tho, the Eve gate collapsing is an event from 1000s of years ago, and those weirdos care about truly ancient earth history, before mankind even went to the stars.

I’m in space, past a collapsed wormhole, why would i care about the ancient past and Earth? How does it effect the relationship of the Gallente federation with it’s neighbours today? It doesn’t.

These kind of pilots are role-playing some weird game where i’m supposed to care about ancient history. It’s so annoying.

Make alliance out of /b/ that would be hilarious :smiley:

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Clearly none of you were there in the days of /eog/, or you’d understand how awful an idea that is.

4chan originated from Something Awful, so I would say we already have 4chan here in the form of Goonswarm.


Eve have code as its equivalent for qanon-like guild.

For anyone seriously considering joining a 4chan eve corp, please watch this instructional video.

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