CODE Selling permits at rookie help

Ima Compesat… ops sry i mean Ima Wreckyou

With my main i fly around what ur dear James claims to be his domain (that James so funny) in an industrial with no defense or offense systems only cargo expansions and zero ships lost… hmm maybe my problem was the use of Rookie help Alleil was making and not ur wrong guesses and attempts to derail the topic…

Theres something worse than being wrecked and is being wrecked and dnt notice it. :blush:

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Do you REALLY want me to answer that question honestly based on your performance in this very thread? Are you sure? :smile:


Looks to me all you’re really trying to do is to fight CODE. and to bring the fight to them, and are even trying to ban them from Rookie Help.

You may think you’re doing the world a service, but you really are already in the game and are fighting a battle of your own creation.


We just have different opinions i think permits scam or not dnt belong in rookie help.

Edit: Just to clarify no idea about those CODE guys if not for their constant spam attention whoring of different chats wat was okay until they started to spam, scam, missinform, attention whoring at rookie and pls dnt think i dnt know this is just a game with Pvp thats a misstake…


You still haven’t answered the question why you are so mad (butthurt) about it?

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Are u that dense? ur question as been answered multiple times since first post. U read? yes? then reread OP

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No it hasn’t been answered at all. This all sounds like it is really personal for you

Ima Wreckyou

Ok ok u cant be that dense u just kidding me… good one sir

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Alan you sound super triggered about this whole thing. You keep posting over and over about how not angry you are, which makes you seem even more angry. Mad means angry and your definition of it is the same as anyone else.

Rookie chat is policed a bit by ISD’s to prevent the worst of the worst, for the rest you just have to pull up your socks.


Keno Skir

I stoped reading ur post at “…posting over and over about how not angry you are…” is more than clear to anyone with the most basic reading skill that iam angy at the behavior of Alleil in rookie chat and not ashamed of it go back to Reading 101 :wink:

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Wow really. All this personal attacks. Maybe they should remove you from the rookie chat if that is how you react if a simple question becomes uncomfortable.

Lol Ima wreckYou stop kidding urself already u know i answered ur question multiple times and u keep asking… cmon

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There are rules to follow in the Rookie Help Chat just as there are rules to follow in the rest of CCP’s official chats, which can be read in the Message of the Day (MOTD):

Rookie and (Language) Help Chats

Prohibited in this channel: Trading or other financial interactions; begging; recruitment, soliciting, or advertising of any sort; political (ingame or out) or other offtopic discussion. Swearing, trolling, spam, typing in caps, text decoration, or being otherwise disruptive…

So this CODE. player is breaking the rules of the in-game chat channel, if your attempts to politely make him/her stop does not help, what you can do is make a support ticket.

The Help Chats are there to get help and help others with EVE related Question and Answers!


This isn’t against the rules. In fact, this is what allows CODE. to be CODE. Ganking for seemingly no reason (i.e. griefing) is against the rules. Ganking for a cause? Totally within them.

Based on my analysis, this is likely an alt of @Remiel_Pollard . Same MO, same last name.

And, as ISD just said, it is technically against that rule. So, by @ 'ing Remiel, hopefully he will stop. He isn’t a bad guy, and may have simply not known.

I think you missunderstood, selling permits is perfectly fine (And something I actively support in fact) however scamming in the rookie help channel IS against the rules, and dropping all pretext and rp for just one moment, trying to sell permits in rookie help is damn near close enough. and that was the OP’s complaint. not that it was happening, but WHERE it was happening.


Selling permits isn’t scamming. It’s not allowed in rookie help due to rules about selling anything there, not because it’s a scam.

OP is just super angry about CODE. or something and wants to let everyone know. I imagine he was ganked once or something.

not gonna split hairs with you (especially since at least in game, I will adamantly and vocally defend permits and encourage people to buy them) but regardless, its still prohibited in rookie chat. which is why I suggested that OP might actually want to reach out to james, especially if they have screenshots, because from everything i’ve seen code is pretty damn good about policing their own any time someone dances too close to ccp’s actual game rules.

“Hand Out” ???
Tisk tisk, sooooo disappointed in you

Permits baby!!! You gotta sell pitchfork permits. You go giving those away, me and my CareBear buddies will be just lifting hay all day!

And don’t think I wont get me one of those “T2 Hay Drones” either, my cows are super hungry, and I’ve got orders to fill!

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Fortunately some ppl here understands my complaint was about WHERE the “permit” bs was going on and not about if is a scam or not

Others like Keno keep failing at the most basic cognitive skills but pls ur making urself look like a true hero in my eyes :blush: so continue

Edit: And i dnt care if those that are trying to derail this to the “permits are a scam or not debate” are doing it on purpose or not

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Why do you bother to spell all those words properly, and then resort to such idiotic and ignorant things like “u”, ur", and the erratic removal of vowels from certain words?
What does it profit you to appear to be less intelligent than you are?