When a Miner sends you a mail they would very much like a prompt reply thank you very much Code

Dear Code.

You know it is rather upsetting that Miners don’t receive the attention that they deserve and there is
one who is still waiting and has not received a reply from you.

Miners are the backbone of New Eden and should be taken seriously along with responding to urgent mail as that needs to be answered asap thank you.

p.s I hope real world issues are keeping you well and I WISH YOU WELL.


Hello, I am Agent Terrel.

Thank you for contacting the CODE. Highsec Experience team. If you have not done so already we would greatly appreciate if you could update this whine post with information relating to your problem:

  • Do you feel your mining equipment has been wrongfully decommissioned? Please update your whine post with the reasons why you think so.
  • If your issue relates to the extension of your mining permit, please just submit the 10mil ISK payment to your local New Order Agent and patiently wait in station until you receive your new permit for the bio.
  • If you have questions regarding the Code or related regulations regarding your behavior or duties in CODE. sov space (all of highsec), please make sure you read all the minerbumping.com posts first.
  • If you are having problems with your mining barge fitting then refer to the instructions at the bottom of this reply.
  • Finally, it would be very beneficial to have some additional information about what amount you are mining or haul on a daily basis to give us a better picture of how well adapted you are to New Order regulations and where we can maybe help adjust some more.

Mining barge fitting Instructions:

(Please note that correctly fitting your ship is required at all times but is not an excuse to break other provisions of the Code or to mine without permit)

  1. If you are sitting in a Retriever, Hulk, Covertor or Mackinaw, click “exit ship” and then trash it.
  2. Get a Procurer or Skiff from your ship hangar or alternatively your local market (support your local barge manufacturers).
  3. If the ship is partially fitted, please remove all modules in mid an low slots that are not tank mods.
  4. Please remove all the mining mods you forgot to remove in step 3
  5. Remove all the rigs that are not enhancing your tank
  6. Fill every available slot with tank mods and rigs
  7. Play around with the fit a bit to get your tank as high as possible. Use a tool like pyfa for convenience or ask in the forums for a Code compliant max-tank fit
  8. Do not fit anything fancy, t2 is fine.
  9. Repeat the procedure with your implants and make sure you get those extra 5% tank in there.
  10. Send a thank you evemail to your local New Order Agent to show how grateful you are that Highsec is such a wonderful and prosperous space thanks to the endless efforts of New Order forces.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation with this request and always stay vigilant while you wait until we can be arsed to give you an actual response.

Praise James,
Agent Karak Terrel
CODE. Highsec Experience | New Order



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And you know this is serious and does not approve of that statement because he did not put Dogs in front of Bollocks.


My issue is that there is not enough Code, members inside the system I mine ice.
I had put in a request to increase that and am yet to receive a response.

I am sorry Agent Terrel for not answering all of your questions at the start as i didnt wish to be afk mining.
Now that the shutdown is current I felt to show my respect in supplying the information that you requested.

9900+ in hanger along with 9x alts with full loads from today before shutdown.

As you can see by my low figures over the past few weeks that I do not mine all hours of the day and night.
I do feel that I could be under the minimum but wouldn’t wish to cause concern to have my licence revoked.

The mail though does hold some rather sensitive information including names that I wish to be kept out of this thread if you don’t mind. The parties involved may or may not wish to reveal such details.

You miners are the bollocks of New Eden ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Good News Everyone, I had been granted the wonderful opportunity to chat with the Code. Enforcer who had insured me that he has other friends that can be called in for extra guns.

My request has been attended to and payment had been sent.

Please close this thread thank you.

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What did I just read? lol. That’s the biggest circle jerk I’ve ever read. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well think of this just as a reminder that when a Miner sends you an in game mail, you need to treat that mail not only urgent, but drop everything that you are doing and respond to that mail while treating the Miner with upmost respect.

Closed at OP’s polite request.

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