CODE. is looking for a few good miners

The prestigious CODE. corporation is now looking for dedicated miners. Please message me in-game with the fitting of your mining ship, your availability schedule, and where you are currently mining. I will assess your application and let you know if you are a good fit.

We offer a comprehensive SRP program and salaried positions at all levels.

We are also looking for industrialists, haulers, and elite PvE security specialists.

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I knew CODE was desperate,but not that much.

Calm down Debbie Downer.

Your application was rejected for good reason.

I knew it now you are showing it ahahaha

hope i see one mining somewhere

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CODE. do indeed mine. Saw a bunch of them doing this recently. Can’t for the life of me remember where though, as I wasn’t paying attention. Other than to note the hypocrisy this is.

It might even have been low sec moon mining, which would be used to argue this was in fact valid behavior & within the teachings of James “I’m just a naughty boy” 316 (whoever she is).

Come to think of it … they might have been flying rorquals? So … just regular ore/ isk farmers really.

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