CCP Advertising Fail (and math fail)

So yesterday I got an email from CCP, titled “Totality Realized”. Even though I’m well aware of what’s been going on with all the Trig invasions, I figured ‘Hey interesting, wonder what CCP has to say about this new stage of the game?’.

What does CCP have to say about this interesting new phase, you ask?

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

The email has a Trig logo, and buttons to Download, Recover Account, and Download some Apps.

Not one word about what Totality means, who Trigs are, changes to the game, exciting new phases of the invasion. Not even a link to an interesting video.

I mean, I get that CCP is so out of touch with the reality of today’s gaming market that they think everyone is completely clued in to their game at all times and breathlessly awaits the release of each new bug-fest of code. But seriously, CCP - your game is a tired old backwater. You’re bleeding players and subs, game participation is dropping, and people just don’t have the time anymore to waste hours on EVE trying to get something interesting to occur.

Next time you have an entire new game phase to announce, maybe you should consider paying somebody for a couple hours work to actually attach something interesting to the announcement email.


Heaven forbid CCP wants to make some spooky updates to the game that requires players take the time to figure out new things.

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It probably would have been better if CCP had included at least a line or two of text. They could even have kept it spooky.



Very nicely said, you were a lot more polite than I would have been.

spooky or shitty?

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CCP vastly overestimates how many people think this crap is “cool”. I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt as they seemed like a fun enough enemy to shoot. But with how terribly they’ve handled Chapter 4 I’m just going to go back to ignoring the content all together.


You mean something in line: “hey guys, give us your money and try to find what we have changed (we haven’t said we had changed anything though!)”. Hm… I don’t know any other product on market which will not advertise clearly and loudly new stuff in new version. You want people to buy it so it’s on you to make them interested.

I think there is a significant amount of arrogance at work on CCP’s part. We’re all just going to lap this up and think its the best. We will just adapt to no patch notes or any information whatsoever.

Did I mention this team of developers is just plain “bad” ? Like seriously I so miss when this game was good.


CCP fails math (again).

So apparently a day or two after sending out a completely content-free email ad, CCP has now announced their two cool new ‘Phoenix’ packages:

Ascendant Phoenix pack for $19.99 costs you as much as buying Omega for a month plus 110 Plex, but gives you about half the value of a month of Omega (and 10 fewer Plex).

Blazing Phoenix Pack costs the same as 1,340 Plex, worth 3.75 billion ISK, but gives you about 2 billion ISK worth of skill books and skins. You could easily sell 500 of those Plex, buy the included skillbooks, and have 840 Plex left to buy whatever skins you wanted (or other things more useful to you than skins).

Is there not a single person at CCP who has a clue? Who even comes up with these things and gets them implemented without undergoing at least minimal adult supervision? Or maybe they’ve just been watching Jita local for too long and figure “spam the scam, some sucker will buy it”.

It boggles the mind.


You just described every marketing department in the universe :stuck_out_tongue:

Somebody at CCP has discovered the concept of enigmatic/viral marketing; completely misunderstood how it works and used it to excuse their laziness.


It costs CCP nothing. People buy these. End of story.

The logo was a link to their twitch channel. Where they were showing stuff with the gates going offline.

(yes, there was no call to action to actually click it.)

True enough, and certainly better than nothing. Personally I never click items that I hover over and have an unrecognizable 80-digit alphanumeric link address, but at least some people may have gotten sent to something they could watch.

Personally I would have included a link to a video or maybe the new Phoenix content, but clearly I’m not as up to date on current marketing methods as the devs at CCP.

Next chapter of invasions are assaults on your wallet.

I definitely don’t think its cool, I just started about a 2 weeks ago, when they made me sit at a gate for 40 mins for no reason I logged off and havent had much desire to play. I was gonna dump 500 into plex also, but I have no idea what they are doing beside making randomly over powered npcs, and shutting gates down. So switches came back in stock so I just bought that instead.

The npcs limited player interaction if you ask me. I dont mind if a player uses thier mind to figure out where I am and blows me up, but random npc thats no fun. Then sitting at a broken gate for 40 mins is so fun I feel asleep.

Maybe if edcon and trig were players and they could attack u like a faction warfare anywhere if you didn’t get the faction right it would of been interesting. With capture points and if say trigs controlled a systems capture point for a day it flips the security of a system to low sec, and if edcon held it the capture points it flipped it to high sec. I normally don’t pvp in this game, but if I could flip low and null sec to high sec I would of joined in. That would make a huge difference and shake things up if null sec could flip high sec, and high sec could flip null sec. Just imagine them trying to flip jita to low sec haha a battle to be remembered. I guarantee no ones gonna remeber that you flew into some random npcs because you didn’t understand they were there and they blew you up. No ones gonna remember farming 30000300007474 random npcs named trig either.

Overly complex npc story arcs is not why I choice to play eve again lol. If I wanted to farm npcs I’d just do the missions, incursions or the other 100 things with killing npcs the game already had.

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