Got ganked - time to retire

EVE rocks. Unfortunately, I don’t.

I got old. Having too many Biden moments to keep my act together. It’s time to admit I ain’t got what it takes any more.

Made several contracts for the character that got the final blow. I don’t see why all the crap I’ve accumulated over the years should go to waste.

I’d write more but I feel the urge to take a nap so I’m going to quit.


One final note.

Thanks for the memories CCP. You made a truly epic game.



Welcome, New Poster!

Good bye, new poster.

–Gadget waves


Didn’t we just have this thread yesterday?


They get forgetful at that age


That’s your second post on this subject, on a different character with the same looks from the same corp.


Why would you do that? If you are bowing out of the game you should have spent every single ISK hiring mercenaries to relentlessly hunt and harass the people who killed you.

Or go to a starter system and look for people starting out who are doing the career tutorial missions, and hand out presents to them.

All the crap you accumulated over the years just went to waste, because you gave it to the wrong person who will not appreciate it.

I have no respect for you.


Dude, don’t be so sour.

I’ve had some really good interactions with the folks that ganked me AND the random folks I’m giving my stuff too. The ambush wasn’t anything personal. They don’t hate me. I just screwed up and gave them a fat juicy target. Entirely my fault.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting I’m lost my edge. I can’t compete like I use to. This episode reinforces what I’ve been suspecting lately. My mind just isn’t quick enough to keep up with all the variables in a PvP fight. And I like PvP so knowing that means I’m not going to enjoy playing. Why stick around and be nothing but a target?

I had a great time for years. This game was fun for me for quite a while. I’m not really happy that I need to quit. But I do need to quit.

Giving my stuff to the folks that ganked me amounts to giving my stuff to the younger me of the past. Those folks are still in the fight and enjoying this game like I use to. Good for them!

Who knows? Maybe they’ll be flying one of my ships the next time they hit somebody.



o7 and all the best in retirement from the game.

We have many older people in our ranks , our eve is a community that we enjoy being apart of and we all fly to our own limits ,no other requirements other than being an ok person. Give us a try if you don’t really want to leave.

Tis person…

Should be allowed to use macr… ay no, mejor no.

Have I ever told you…


–You are the best forumer I’ve ever met-- good job, never stop, pls!


When did you start doing that? What, are you getting soft in your old age or something? :wink:

Good news for both the OP and you, Dracvlad - EvE can be played at many ages!

I don’t see why he’d have to do that anyway. I mean, that was a pretty decent knee-slapper:

I’m not sure why someone would quit playing Eve because they stutter.

We are all getting old, and a little tired of the same dance, it is good to try new things.

Every so often I can make a decent joke, and as Biden was mentioned I had to do that, as you know, I am all about ‘balance…’ ! Damn done it again.

I don’t get that one…

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Noone quits EVE they just take a break.


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