On the New Dawn Quadrant

Here is my brief write-up on the New Dawn Quadrant


I agree about the R4 mineral removal. I don’t want to come off as sounding greedy, but they are looking at losing half their value and the owners have upkeep costs to think about.

Well said. Especially the part about enjoyable time/effort. I definitely feel my ratio has been going down a lot lately and this doesn’t turn that around at all.

The procurer changes are killer!

What’s the point any more? :thinking: :woozy_face:

Dumping my small mining setup. End of the road.

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I would wait till December, they have already stated they were looking at some player suggested changes.

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Looking at ignoring you mean.


Very possible, but I am willing to give it till the end of the year. :slight_smile:

Your write up was great and went a long way in condensing much of the need to know in easily manageable bites.

As for me? I killed my four accounts that ran Orcas to mine in. I already had an Orca pilot and an Orca, and decided to just go for it and spend the skill injectors to bring my other three toons up to snuff. I maxed out the Orcas with the max skills for mining drones over the year or so I did this little experiment, I went ahead and got industrial command ships to five yada yada.

No I did not earn a ton of isk, and some will probably say it was a waste, however I had an enjoyable time floating in the belts, and mining away with the right back ground music to listen to.

I never did PLEX an account with them, but that was not why I did it. I did my thing at my level, built product every now and then, supplied tech one ships for myself and I suppose wasted time and money.

It was my time to waste and if someone wanted a boost and I happened to have an Orca with boosts in the slots, then I did that to.

So I said screw that noise, let the accounts go to alpha and probably will not bother. If CCP is going to drop big changes from now on like this, after what it takes to get there, then I will always be concerned what they might do next.

Sure enough I had alts that COULD fly freighters and one ready for real capital ships, but that one is gone to. And that one made Orca pretty legit. I had that one long enough.

The others were an experiment. I admit I was one of “those players”.

Anyway, CCP has lost the real world money I spent to keep them active. Will it matter? Probably not. I will not sit here and try and pretend that my four mean much. I am not mad, just kind of let down.

So I suppose the safe thing to do is not sink to much time or effort into it for a while. Fly three alts that can do Procurers for now, and just go along with that. If CCP does something else to nerf industry, then its not such a hit in the wallet, and if I ever do feel that its not worth it anymore, then I will not feel as if I lost as much.

And nope, the typical Eve snarks cannot have my Orcas.


Yeah, me to. I have three that were new that can fly Procurers and that is what I will do. It can be kinda frustrating after mining in much better ships, but who knows what CCP will do next. And when I get tired of that? I don’t know. Maybe leave for a while and come back later.

Hello, I am an orca player, and I don’t know about you, but the new industrial core module for the orca will be a complete uselessness, if it is striking the fact of having an improvement for your bonuses and drones, but the fact of being immobile 5 min is a beast of time for a ship that does not tanker as a rock does, in my opinion when activating the industrial core it becomes a mining support ship to a very easy target to kill.
a marauder when activating his bastion has 30 seconds of immobility “u this is a ship that can defend itself” an orca should have a more reasonable time than they want to give it.

Really good write up, it’s just the last straw for me. Industry has become tedious and this looks like it’s going to make it doubly so. For the life of me I can’t understand why they nerfed the rorqual, orca, and porpoise so much as you pointed out these ships alone will make next to nothing so only multi boxers will fly them.

With the rorqual porpoise and orca gone who’s going to replace all that mineral flow? I can’t see this as the end of scarcity as less minerals will be mined unless all those pilots start to make more characters? The mining “labor force” is going to have to double or something

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Went back to missions which pay more anyhow and more engaging but I lose the industrial RP aspect. Oh well.

Funny thing is I didnt mine in orcas i used it to boost another accounts miner and haul and now that setup is getting nerfed because not enough accounts or something to get max boosts. F that.

Missions supposedly being redone next year like mining so…

If you don’t mine with your orca, you don’t need the fuel to get similar yield to what you get now.

similar != same.

through no fault of my own the skills, ore implant, setup i have now has reduced yield or have to add more miners, change ships, etc. my mining links and shield links no longer work same etc.

I was not even the target of all this crap as i dont afk and i dont mine with the orca itself. In any case they can have it. Done with industry in eve.

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Well I did mine in Orcas sure, and it did take a long time to fill the hold, it took much longer to do that than just run one of the alts in a Skiff with crystals and max boost. When I went multi boxing with Orcas it was to just lay back and enjoy the game and not have to worry about shifting lasers in high sec belts when the rocks popped. They pop so much quicker that way. About the only thing I had to do was watch local for the unfriendly players that liked to hunt from time to time. I just marked them as hostile and kept an eye out.

Zkill board was good for that. I don’t know, I may yet field a Porpoise as the boost do make quicker work of it, and like you said being immobile on grid could get expensive in an Orca. Even when boosting I still fielded mining drones. They helped. I guess I will wait and see.

While I don’t disagree with protesting against poorly designed changes to the game, I do think that a lot of people are jumping the gun on responses to the mining changes. We are likely still months away from a final implementation.

For some additional detail on “how things looked” prior to the most recent tweaks, check:

CCP has also already responded to and adjusted the changes based on feedback and testing. This was a very rapid adjustment compared to previous feedback tests.

For a review of the most recent tweaks, which addresses a significant number of issues, check the thread at:

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