Do you HONESTLY believe CCP wants more solo/afk miners around, instead of less?

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Please state the reason behind your belief, or thinking.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Please add ‘I don’t care about this stupid and infantile controversy’ as an option.

Polls without a control option are not to be trusted. Well…forum polls can’t be trusted ever. Control or not.

But whatever.

Edit: Why can’t I select both? I picked yes and then no and only the yes shows up.


You could have just ignored it. Instead you blindly believe that, despite not actually having anything on topic to say, your voice needs to be heard.



What’s your point?


You’re smart, so …
… please explain your vote!

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More miners more subs. CCP does not care as long as they don’t break the rules. They do prefer if you bring a drake to the mining op.

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Thanks for your opinion, but it deserves correction.

No one plays in isolation. This idea that they don’t care comes from the perspective of the “individual” who himself does not care about society as a whole (which is sad, but “normal” in modern times. Hasn’t always been the case in EVE), which is something CCP can not afford to do. Not only that, added features, over time, make it obvious that they are heading certain directions clearly going counter to the idea that CCP does not give a ■■■■ about its society.

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You do talk the most utter bollocks at times…

P.S. Merry Xmas :grin:

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For you, an apricot-flavored fizzy water. Go have a lie-down.

Opiate economics + prey.

Solo play stuck in perception problems of rat races, overcompensating for being alone, fooling themselves with economies of scale without realising CCP already figured it out for them, getting around like sheep.

So they follow the paradigm of multiple accounts, are more prone to offsetting matters through buying shortcuts and visual elements, and so forth.

It’s not a new thing really. But a few years ago CCP finally figured out how to turn them into cows. Meat and milk.


i wouldn’t call them miners, more like bots

Permit-less bots who cry on these very forums because they weren’t paying attention to the game

Voted yes because orcas.

Can afk mine for 5-6 hours.

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Not really unless the rock is huge. Otherwise they have to change rocks.

'Cause EVE is a sandbox where people can do whatever they want as long as it’s in CPP rules, and if I choose to do all day long the most inneficient and boring way of having fun and being rich, I’m gonna sub and do it all day long just because I can and want to.

And if people can multibox this because they want to, they will be happy to do it and CPP will get more money from their subs.

Orcas can mine 5 rocks at once. And since I’m looking at two crokite rocks next to eachother right now, both over 250k m3…

This is yourself proving that your original question was kind of a false dilemma and you know it. :wink:

Do they want more players and more accounts per player? Sure, of course. Do they want players to choose in-game paths that makes it likely they’ll invest more real money into their play? Sure, of course.

If these were your preconditions and the follow-up question would be if they’d rather have more solo/afk miners than “other path”, well then I’m not so sure - probably not. I dig Zachris argument about over-compensation, but at the same time you have peer pressure or let’s call it motivation to catch up. A lot of Skill injectors are used by people in groups who lack the skills to adapt to a new doctrine - be it because they’re asked to or simply because they want to fly with the bad bois.

On average I’d say that a PVP centric playstyle is more complex and less straightforward spreadsheatable, so on average people who do this are more likely to use micro transactions when they can’t be arsed to rat, butstill want their fun.

So if your question wasn’t a mild false dilemma, but asking if CCP had to choose right now between more afk/solo miners or more people who join groups with a high level of PVP activity, I’d say they want the latter. And yes, miners make good prey, but active groups make for better advertisement and they’re more likely to keep their people in the game.

An inconvenient truth: there’s more sheep than wolves. Also, both are tool users, so Darwin’s paradigms don’t apply.

Now which would be the bigger market, hmm.

On top of that, CCP did apply economies of scale and stratification. When push comes to shove, while divided between tiers and with subtle variations, across niches and segments of game activity players make the same amount of isk per unit of time so the only way to - perceivably - make more is to become a professional schizofrenic.

It’s been interesting to see CCP shove pvp towards the emergent dynamics of null, for the most part, while using the cover of “oh my god we never knew certain high sec activities have cost us so much over the years” to engage in a much deeper and wider pve / immerse focus which unlike historic attempts and relative to scale of pvp niches insert a create/destroy economic footprint in tune with those pvp niches.

So while null plays with itself jumping around awesomesauce, CCP is quietly continuing to revamp EVE towards an ST:O baseline model where the only foundations of emergent behaviour with CCP having to follow behind are quite simply replaced by triggered and guided behaviour inside the boxes. And then one fine day while everyone’s been talking about injectors and rorquals and jump fatigue the last niche with accounts volume geared around emergence wakes up having lost its relevance :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck, there was an interview with Hilmar in an industry publication around the time of CCP’s acquisition where he mentioned that while CCP sorta somewhat keeps an eye still on number of people as population, it’s been driven by accounts volume + ratio for years now. Well, since that rush flight back from Vegas :stuck_out_tongue:

One remark though, EVE hardly benefits these days in advertisement / marketing from active player groupings. Be careful with that notion. Those days are gone. CCP’s venture level was pretty effective at subtly guiding product + community levels to effectively turn messaging inward and go through processes of marginalisation and splintering. Combined with curbing the ability to create new stories, and for a while quietly nuking another element which traditionally had a strong foothold in all that (lore / player fiction / etc) they created conditions in which the requirements set by venture development could be met better by rewiring conditions and weight of player activity.

It’s business really. Nothing new. Neither the methods nor the managing.

Here’s a newsflash: the player no longer matters, has been increasingly seen as a problem for years (though let’s not open that can of worms on these forums). A big and consistant part of CCP’s venture focus has been to nullify any player / grouping dependancy and replace the old ones by nice cosy niche + action + trigger based game design so their acquire/retain focus can simply replace entire generations without risking PR drama.

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Dumb people always believe that everyone smarter writes “bollocks”, because dumb people usually can’t grasp what’s going over their heads. As it’s impossible for them to spend time thinking about what they’re read/heard, they jump to the conclusion that it must be the other guy and not actually themselves.

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I don’t disagree, but times have shifted. CCP is now in a position where they are forced to actually care about what keeps the game alive and the players happy. They’ve pushed quite hard already in the last months, and they are being forced to keep going. That’s why we are seeing wardec revamp. Not because of all the whining, but because they are being forced to make more people happy.

Thanks for your response. All I did was taking several people’s opinions spread out on the forums and turned them into a poll to see what’s going on in the people’s minds in general. It reveals that many people really only ever think of themselves and that they have a rather shallow understanding of reality in general. Nothing new… :slight_smile:

I dare to differentiate between nullsec-Rorqual-miners and highsec miners. Nullsec miners are not really solo. They are not truly independent of their flock. They rely on whatever social structure governs them, that structure being capable corpmates or an alliance’s intel channels.

solo highsec miners are a completely different beast and CCP hopefully succeeds in erradicating them, shifting the population away from pseudo individuals towards people who value community, which is much healthier for the game as a whole.

Still drinking my coffee, hopefully I didn’t mess this post up. :slight_smile:


Bollocks is about as common as Americans saying BS.

Then again you may have a point as most Americans are pretty dumb. So there might be some sort of parallel there.