[Lore+Customization] New Eden Genome Amalgam -> Mutagenomic Mutaplasmid

This proposal introduces a new option for character customization, using already-existing items as a base. The lorethoughts behind the idea are intended to potentially advance the mystery of EVE’s world as well.

Last year, @CCP_Delegate_Zero’s scavenger hunt for the Blackglass implant components led to not only a very useful tool for exploration, but to a wicked interesting lore-related item as well:

New Eden Genome Amalgam

This peculiar object was extracted from a device intended to build a neural lace in the brain of any given subject from the various races of New Eden. While it is now inert, the structure of the object suggests that it is a nanite amalgam containing the necessary material and encoding to establish and adapt a unique neural lace according to the genetic makeup of the subject. It does appear to lack a source of energy and a control framework. This must have been provided by the device it was extracted from.

This object and its novel use of nanotechnology raises many questions.

Only obtainable by breaking down the implants themselves, the Amalgam contains information on the genome of each of New Eden’s 5 races, having been made by adding samples of DNA to the Blackglass construction. Without knowing the makers of this tech, the item could be taken in an interesting direction to make something new and add even more mystery to EVE’s story:

Mutagenomic Mutaplasmid

This mutaplasmid colony was developed by introducing inactive mutaplasmid microcolonies into a nanite-based Genome Amalgam, culturing it into a multibranched microcolony capable of bioadapting and reformatting the genomic structure of a human organism into that of any bloodline present within the Amalgam - including those of the enigmatic Jove race. The full purpose of the Genome Amalgam’s bioadaptive properties remain a mystery, with its library demonstrating a far broader range of application than its source implant’s benefits.

The colony remains unpredictably active within those adapted to the fifth race, actively preventing the onset of the once-thought inevitable “Jove Disease” in its entirety - raising many questions as to the the identity of the Triglavian race and their mutaplasmid technology’s ability to culture the Jove genome into this dynamic solution to its curse.

There’s no certainty behind that backup lore for the item, but it’s just one more bit that could fit in somehow - I’ve already written out my own thoughts on a link between the Triglavian race and the long-unseen Enheduanni here, and this builds off of that.

In Theodicy, the sleeper-agents of the Enheduanni are grown and exist as completely blended-in human beings, with no suspicion or reason to believe they’re anything but normal until their intended time-to-act comes, and no knowledge of this fact for themselves. This could potentially extend to members of the Jove race, with Grious stating that even the Directorate has been shepherded into their plan, a partial reason for their self-segregation from the rest of the cluster. It may not be right (I don’t have the developer lore bible after all 🤷), but this item comes from thoughts on how the Enheduanni may have accomplished that~

As for the item’s actual function, there’d be nothing complex to it - activating it with a character would allow for a change of character race and bloodline, extending the options to a form of Jove as well (it’s a shame for the assets for their characters to be in-game with only the Drifters making use of them). Alternatively, bloodline mixing could be implemented through it as well, something that was toughed on lightly around the introduction of the new character engine.

Anyhow, enjoy - the more ideas I have, the more I can toss around to potentially inspire someone who can do something with it :slight_smile:



(p.s., it was fun to design and make the icon for the item~~)


Huh, without having done the event, I have inadvertently developed personal fiction that is both in violation of and parallel to this arc.

Time to re-write the last five months. :disappointed_relieved:

(p.s., it was fun to design and make the icon for the item~~)

Nice work!


Always a pleasure reading whatever you cook up in your noggin, I’d definetly buy your explanation for curing the Jove Disease. Sadly it really seems CCP’s put the original Jove out to pasture and for good.


I would gladly support ideas that make it possible for me to get rid of the shitty eyes that Vherokiors have.

Regardless of shitty eyes: your idea is great. Nice work. But I am abit sceptical about adding Jove to the mix.


Hmmh. I like the idea and it does both go against and support some of the writing, I have done over the few months. With the whole “bioadapting” being something that can be visually seen if exposed to it for to long. (just not really adaptable cause, not trignalvian)
So why not have it go all the way with an item that has been made to be used for none triglavians / joves

I will be looking forward to more.

I’m curious about the note on the New Eden Store biosuits. 'This Triglavian survival suit was probably sourced on the black market and care should be taken that the bioadaptive technology typically found in such items has been deactivated and removed. ’ Might already be mutating :slight_smile:

I think its more a one should take care before wearing one, else mutation may happen Or maybe suit rejection may happen how knows (cause capsuleer)…
And Maira has been playing around with one that has not been deactivated, but im just waiting for more details to do more rp with it, as I find this a really interesting "item description "

I think sadly, the already existing lore behind how each capsuleer and their clone bays can alter characters in extensive manner already defeats such a function as proposed. To my eyes at least.

However, I think the whole mutation narrative could result into a new breed of implants/boosters which would require such technology for usage. In other words the whole assumption of how Triglavians are able to play with bioadaptive technologies could open a whole new set of items(as they already have in the ship/module department) but with also new interesting boosters and implants.


We can alter characters extensively physically, but I’ve never seen a character change their literal race before (surgery to look similar to another would be different from having some sort of compatible total-genome rewrite)~

I do think there’s more fun to be had with mutaplasmids though, for sure.


I though for a while if SOE would get mutaplasmids, they would make some genetic enhancement items.

Lorewise, its a thing that could be handled from many directions. :thinking:


having Jove genomes added sounds very entincing both in lore and gameplay potential. like, we could use that to access their abandoned space or get control over their structures or spaceships, if there’s still some in good condition.

perhaps move Jove into the Precursor classification for skill, ship and module purposes, much like Triglavians.

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