Mutating Modules and Ammo During Manufacture

Since we have the Mutaplasmids that mutate into better or words attributes, I think the manufacturing aspect needs to step its game and incorporate the process into manufacturing modules.

Manufacturing Plasmids could be found in any Relic or Data site or from Escalation Sites along with Tier 2 through 4 Abyssal sites. Plasmids could also drop from Drifter vessels in K-Space as well.

The Manufacturing Plasmid attempts to re-arrange the minerals being used to produce better attributes for the module or ammo. Manufacturing Plasmids could also be harvested from Abyssal planets, but finding such planets and keeping the conduit between K-Space and Abyssal Space open is the tricky part of setting up PI on a planet in Abyssal Space.

Just like the Mutaplasmids the Manufacturing Plasmids are random and could achieve a huge bonus or none at all.

No, no & more no.
We don’t need more RNG grind in the game, Mutaplasmids were a terrible idea and should be removed, not added onto.


Mutaplasmids will up the game for PvP and PvE thus requiring new and more difficult NPC’s as well as completely flipping PvP on its head for the Vets while giving the Rookie pilots something to aspire towards to crush the Old PvP Vets with.

Didn’t you realize that PvP is about the crushing the Champions to replace them with new Champions? It keeps the blood flowing and exciting ringing in the ears of the Coliseum.

Good thing no one really cares about yours either.

Additional RNG on preparation phase will not “up” anything for PvP, as proven by literaly every game on the market that attempted having such a thing.

Most of PvE already requires revamp of NPC’s involved, no need to introduce more rng for that.

You mean creating annoyance for Vets, and making it even harder for rookies to compete?

The gaming environment has to be constantly fresh and lively and should never be regulated or designed by those who sit in stations all day long.

Eve Online isn’t about ensuring the Vets are pampered. Eve Online is about providing exciting new challenges for the next generation of Capsuleer to ensure that the Eve Online legacy becomes just that, a legend.

You went from silly idea, to ad hominems at basically instant. I must be a new record… oh wait no, someone already took it.

And who mentioned “those who sit in stations all day long” in the first place?
Also there are much healthier ways to ensure freshness than uniquely modified by rng modules that tends to be hard to replicate, that only those who invest heavilly into the game can afford to even get single good one. Not to mention expanding onto that concept.

And yet Your very own suggestion only benefit filthy rich vets if anyone.
For next generation of Capsuleers it will just be another obstacle they need to get over to be able to compete against those vets.

There is no “exciting new challenges” in modules and ammo with variability of stats in hands of random number generators.

Your arguments are nice speech that not only are irrelevant to Your proposal, but straight out undermine it.

This was an unnecessary personal attack.

This can be done without mutaplasmids.

This can be done without mutaplasmids. PVP is so dynamic that fleet composition/fit quality and player talent and coordination will always have a far greater effect on the outcome of any battle than RNG (which already has RNG elements via turret and ECM mechanics) - additional RNG mechanics are not needed.

Abyssal mods will not give rookies an edge with which to beat vets, even if ONLY the rookies had abyssals

The forums are for peer review - why are you resorting to personal attacks just because others disagree with you?

Not all change is good change. Change for change’s sake is usually the worst change of all. PVP is sufficiently dynamic so as to always be a fresh and engaging experience even if, hypothetically speaking, new elements would be no longer introduced (save for balancing existing elements, fixing bugs, and improving UI/UX).

Several PVP vets opposed mutaplasmids

Just because they disagree with you doesn’t mean they’re “pampered”

which can be in a form other than mutaplasmids

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You all have another “live one”. This should be good! :roll_eyes:

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I sent you an EVEmail, Papabear. Its contents are very racy and just 4 u. Enjoy ;^)

CCP will undoubtedly release even more difficult NPC’s in the future, any game MMO or Super Mario Bros game worth its salt, will always have to add new and more difficult NPC’s to combat in order to maintain its player base.

People are more likely to stay with Eve Online for many years if they are able to run missions and explore and build wealth in that manner instead of being forced into PvP where they have to spend $300 + to get enough ISK to quickly skill their character up to any PvP potential.

The Manufacturing Mutaplids will give Alpha players the ability to compete on nearly the same level with low PvP Omega players after the Alpha has manufactured modules using Manufacturing Mutaplids.

The Alpha could also purchase Manufacturing Mutaplids from the PLEX store as could Omega’s. To keep the sudden influx of mutated modules from flooding the market a limited number of Manufacturing Mutaplids would be able to be purchased from the PLEX store.

Upping the ability of the new generation with advances in the game is no different than real life. A video game will have to introduce new scenarios and items to keep the people interested, otherwise the game will become like a cave man trying to build a rocket using just a stone hammer and tree vines.

The word you missed was “Theme park MMO”.
EVE is not a theme park. So you don’t need constant power creep and churn.

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that’s irrelevant to your suggestion

You yourself have mentioned that they will be available in difficult dangerous places in your original suggestion. Resource heavy rng machine requiring dangerous to obtain resource will NEVER give newer players (nice goalpost move in here with swapping “rookies” for “alpha players” while at it) any benefit, and definitelly won’t make them able to compete more than they can with omega players of any kind. It will only add another tool to well established vets to crush rookies with that those rookies will have to overcome.

And that right there is straight out cancer of ideas.

You mean slapping in ability to pay real cash to roll random modifiers on modules, that benefits no one by the most rich of the playerbase that could actually afford such shenanigans? That is quite different than real life.

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