My Conspiracy Theory

So i have a theory about the triglavian the drifters and the jovians.
So i believe all 3 used to be apart of the third empire and were all Jovians and that instead of the 3 mother-ships finding the same space the found different solutions for their problem. I believe that the drifters or sleepers as we call them made a virtual home without the need for their flesh and blood bodies leaving machines to maintain themselves. The jovians persisted to try and live like humans founding the now possibly lost jovian empire. and that the triglavians are the third solution of biological transformation. By modifying their genetic structure the found a way to change themselves and escape the jovian disease.I also think that their different ideology’s may have made a huge rift between them. This has caused a war for supremacy. What do you guys think.

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I like fish sticks…

Nice theory, would explain why the Triglavians are mortal enemies with the Drifters who are obviously enemies with the Jove.

Still doesn’t explain how these craptastic Triglavian ships defeated any Drifters.

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