[EDENCOM] Reporting that Striborg Clades shoots their own allies

We encouter following

Striborg Clade are running Flashpoints in Highsec.

Just some speculation here, but why they are doing that ? Discuss…

For the same reason the majority of capsuleers do anything: Money, shits, giggles. In whichever order of priority the mood of the day dictates.


If they want to shoot the Triglavians, I for one welcome them coming to their senses.


Until the point to fight against the same people who believe at your cause? With the premise that this could be an isolated case, how can the Collective rely on them?

Looks like Hivelinked Narodyna to me.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely Players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts

You seem to think the Triglobooboos ever considered them more than convenient chaff. Even I have more faith in the Trigs and their grasp on reality than that.

They are pirates. Just like any of the faction warfare militia that awoxes its own faction warfare fleet members, the keyword is piracy.

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…And yet they believe to be their mouthpiece.

You do realize the 3 Clades of the Collective shoot one another, right? That their philosophy of ‘Cladistic Proving’ looks to include ‘when there are no other challenges to use to demonstrate that your way is valid, prove yourselves against one another’?

The title of this could’ve just as easily read ‘Idiot Trig-Loyal Eggers Engage Triglavians In Predictable Display Of Triglavian Mindset’.

Which Clade was the Flashpoint one? Is this politics of attacking allied outposts in the enemy territory (Considering the fight took place NOT in Pochven) good for the Collective? Are you sure that EDENCOM could take advantage of this and repel the Triglavians completely form that Minor Victory system?

No idea, I wasn’t there and the sensor report’s amazingly uninformative!

I’m reasonably sure the Collective would say that of course it’s good for the Collective because it keeps their skills sharp and ensures the weak and underperforming are culled, while also trimming away outlying infrastructure that can’t be properly defended (and so reducing waste of resources).

It’s not exactly any different than the approach humanity’s taken to this kind of thing for… ever? It’s essentially a kind of militaristic version of natural selection.

Why would I be sure of that? What was said that indicates I have any opinion on that?

Fighting with the risk to self-destroying while there’s a big threat nearby is natural selection… to prove that those “militants” aren’t good for the nature. Using this logic is dangerous for your own people.

Life is dangerous. I’d wager the Clades would tell you that tolerating weakness, inefficiency, underperformance, etc are all far more dangerous in the long-term than applying the principles of natural selection to daily interactions, and they’ve got like a thousand years of evidence to support that through their very survival.

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Ok but one point is doing that within the territory under proper rules. Another is doing it while if they could fight togheter they would unleashed a better force against the enemy, in enemy territory. Every entity is efficient according time and place and chance and before considering it weak, you should try all the combinations for the maximum efficiency. We saw what Kybernauts and Clades can do togheter during the Triglavian invasions; why should they start to do similar dangerous tests now? Isn’t the Abyss Deadspace enough to all the provig grounds they wanna do?

‘Proper rules’? If the entire idea is to stress the system so that weaknesses and inadequacies are exposed and rooted out, the first rule is: There are no rules. Rules and limitations only provide the means to perpetuated weaknesses.

Why should you assume they ever stopped?

…Assuming they ever started.

Assuming the Clades ever started the Cladistic Proving between Clades that we have tons of communications intercepts showing they engage in all the damned time?

Not much of an assumption there.

Have to concur, it’s pretty well-documented by now.

Though it’s a little unclear how formal something has to be to be a “proving” as opposed to, you know, just war. They do seem to like rules, just, only their own rules.

(Best guess: it’s a “proving” if the Triglavians say it is, and it mostly just means “nothing personal.”)


More and more, it’s sounding like the Triglavians are really just like any other null sec alliance. More codified than most, I suppose…