Trigs are Now White?

I have never shot any of the Triglavians’ friends or enemies. A big swarm of Triglavians just landed next to me - they show up as white to me now. I flew around with them and they seemed to not have any interest in me. Has anybody else had this happen to them?

It means they are surrendering and waiting to be shot so you can have their loot.



Have you checked your standings for any change?

Most likely you have killed rogue drones or sleeper/drifters, these will give positive standing to Edencom and Trigs.

Nah those are just the Trigs that fight for the Tsar.

They arent very good at it so are hoping you will help them escape to Bristol.


Yeah, imagine that scenario… civil war in Triglavian Collective. Some Trigs are unhappy with flow of Vyraj and all that mumbling, so they start fighting each other. Part of them (the loosing one, of course) contact with the Empires of New Eden, seeking aid. Twist creating a whole new layer of conflict, divided loyality and treachery.

But not in 2020, please. We have already too much crap to deal with, and many of us are still recovering from Chapter III and the chaos left behind.

Well Id just assume the same thing would happen to Tsarist Trigs;

Those with money would be given sanctuary, the rest the Empires would just abandon

Isnt that right, James?

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Plenty of instances of trigs shooting each other in my travels through Pochven…

But then its not just the Trigs either…


Imagine Trigs getting standings with edencom by killing drifters, then defending edencom against other trigs that had bad standings towards edencom, and then getting attacked for doing so, so had to kill the trigs attacking them. Poof, now some trigs ally of edencom, enemies of other trigs. :rofl:


Queen and Country, right?

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The werposts are still red to me :frowning:

Try using silver ammo against them I heard werewolves are weak to such material. :wolf:

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150mm APCR for the oneshot-anything lulz… oh wait, wrong game.

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