Message to the Triglavian Collective

Earlier, we were given a message by @CCP_Dopamine saying that “None can know the intentions of the Collective except for the Collective itself”. Now at the time, I was more concerned as to why the triglavian supporters couldn’t win control of a system. However, in talking with a group of people, a question was brought up. Zorya Triglav, why am I fighting for you? I’ve spent money. Used Ammunition. Disrupted countless sites of EdenCom forces trying to set up defenses. Yet to what end. I think you misunderstand us capsuleers. The very empires you attack fear us. And yet you expect us to support you for reasons which have yet to be revealed to us. I cant speak for my fellow capsuleers. But as for myself, I will no longer support you if you dont deem my help important enough to warrant explaining why you want it. If that makes us enemies, so be it. I’ve fought Pirates, Drifters, Triglavians, Empires, Drones and countless other threats and if need be, I’ll fight you too. And should we fall, we shall come back. Again. And again. So let this be an ultimatum to your “Collective”. Explain why I as a capsuleer should fight for you. Or you lose.


Help them get Isogen 5, as some individuals did once.

That’s a hard hitting question, cousin. But is it one you need to ask others, or yourself?

I fight so that people can come home and not die repeatedly. I fight to preserve hisec so that new capsuleers may have a better chance at learning before being screwed over by happenstance. I fight to stop entire systems from suffering mass extinction events brought on by such a drastic alteration of its sun. I fight to unite capsuleers across old lines of battle for a common purpose, one not tainted by CONCORD or the Four Empires.
You seem to have realized what I’ve felt all along; the Triglavian Collective is in no way better than the other bureaucracies and dictatorships. And in several obvious ways, far worse.
Come back home. Join the capsuleers fighting to preserve the system that was once your home.

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