[Drifter vaults] discussion about the author(s)

Hello to all currently working personnel on the data vaults
To avoid charging the main thread with many discussions, I’m creating a new thread here to discuss about who wrote those messages because, truly for me the origin of the transmissions are the important thing.

(Note: Ofc, is new theories come out, I will add them)

A) if it’s the drifters, then why not give us directly the informations?

  1. If the “clue” on the third frame is that the drifter have a leader on the battlefield, then it could mean that indeed drifter have “individuality”. therefore it could be that only part of the drifters want to talk with us
  2. if not, then why addressing a potential reader with an enigmatic phrasing ? (with the “answer three clues”)

B) if it’s the “ennemies” then it would give even more possibilities:

  1. if they are pirating the drifter transmissions to send us a message, then why the drifter didn’t purge it?
  2. if it’s they are the authors, whatever the ways, then the last message cannot be a “battle map” (otherwise it would make not sens to differentiate the ship of one side and not the other.
  3. if they are the authors, then what are they trying to say to us ? and why not directly ?

What are your opinions ?

To me, the one that make the most sense is the A-1. but I would really like to discuss it!


If there is someone within the Drifter apparatus that is trying to send us a message, I can think of one name of who it could be.

Dr. Hilen Tukoss.

I think it’s unlikely but would not be surprised if that turned out to be what is going on.


That would explain why the trinary alphabet so closely matches our own, and also why the footage is being stored on our comms networks using our addressing.

Perhaps what seems to be game like riddles are actually the easiest way to get messages out from wherever the Drifters reside without detection. Scramble them, make them seem like white noise, but in such a way that is easily cracked.

Tukoss never jumped into a new clone, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t stored elsewhere (by himself or some other entity).


cough cough jamyll too cough cough

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