Max Singularity is (again) declared to be heretic and traitor

Foul heretic and traitor not only of our Empire, but our species as a whole, Max Singularity, disowned bastard of house Singularity has yet again decided to disregard good conduct of one claiming to be amarrian nobleman and servant of the Empire.

During his last “declaration” which is more like ranting of crazed fool he once again blamed our beloved late Empress of being corrupted.

This alone is treason and punishment of it is death!

He claim to be a pope. It is some kind of religious title, but only other organization besides of his gang of pirates, the Sixth Empire using this title is cult of Sani Sabik, more commonly known as blood raiders.

I Lord Vaari, jarl of Sosan VII, high father of the Imperial Pharmacy, symbol of unchallenged victory, the world’s most beloved hero, self proclaimed prophet, morninglord, golden mountain, carrier of the Heaven’s light, teacher of pure faith, speaker of unquestioned truth, lion of the universe, vanquisher of all heretics, bane of the witches, the great miner and skilled industrialist charge you, Max Singilarity, shame of your former house, sorrow of your mother and crick in your father’s manhood of heresy and treason.

I command all who loves honor and right to exterminate Max Singularity like they would exterminate plagued rat or witch.


Saints and Lord Vaari protect us !


Would that be the unchallenged victory of CVA kicking you out of Provi?


They were defeated themselves the moment they succumbed into corruption and heresy of Xhjfx the Devourer of Virtues.


Fifteen titles.

You’ve lost some since we last spoke.


Really? Because they seem to have remained in Providence while you were forced to leave. Doesn’t seem like they lost that one.


death to the papacy!!!

My Amarrian knowledge is a bit thin, so my apology if this is an insulting question, however wasn’t Empress Jamyl I widely regarded as a heretic for disobeying/bypassing the doctrine of Sacred Flesh and in doing so, becoming a host of the other, with no great love of religion at all?

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We expect such slander from a Gallente heathen.

Lord Vaari is correct, the man known as Singularity is a foolish cultist. Again we see the soft minds of our Amarr children fall for false tongues, committing sin through willful ignorance.

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Now, now. Don’t get your dress all tied up in a knot. The hood might pull a bit tight and suffocate you. We wouldn’t want that.

I didn’t challenge your assessment of Max. I only asked about Jamyl I, who I thought is widely regarded as having used cloning tech to return from the dead when she was supposed to commit suicide as is custom.


Let me guess, your small heathen mind drew that conclusion after listening to some Gallente conspiracy propaganda, or whatever it is you children gain your misinformation from. Jamyl, may she rest, died, thus she was not a capsuleer.

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I believe the term “shots fired” applies here?


Woah, woah.

Somewhere between YC65 and the first Amarr Champsionships, didn’t she actually get fitted out with a capsule, and all the other house’s heirs followed suit? They were supposed to forego cloning tech, but she somehow mysteriously reappeared after Shathol’Syn.

Now, I know there are many that believe in a “divine resurrection”, but what seems more likely? She was some divine being, or she cloned herself?

Also, if she died once and came back to life, what’s stopping it again in a few years?

Also, wasn’t she commanding her Avatar from a Capsule when she was doomsdayed by the Drifters?

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Her return was divine, her repelling of heathen Tribals brought forth the wrath of God.

What was witnessed was a miracle. So enough of this drivel, you cannot understand what a glorious gift God had given all of us because you do not yet embrace him.


You Amarr are funny.

Never can answer a simple question.

As the old saying goes, God only exists between the cracks of knowledge.

You guys seem to have lots of cracks. Or maybe it’s crackpots. I never can tell.

Long live Max, first of his name.


y’know i’ve never been quite clear on if publicly declaring more important public figures to be heretics is some sort of elaborate mating ritual, or just a desperate attempt to ride their coat-tails into relevance. amarrian culture is so confusing.


Yet the Drifters ganked her and then podded her in Amarr HiSec. I guess God changed His mind about that “glorious gift?”


Being denounced by Vaari is an endorsement of sanity.

I must admit, the multiple people running to tell me the vote during the Kyanoke crisis in station regarding the Providence’s action to remove Vaari was entertaining.

Also I’ll just leave this here…

“I think Imperial succession in general was mockery to the God.”, Lord Vaari

Pardon me, Chribba and I must fly our Capital Ships in the Amarr Homeworlds after I officially teach the Amarr Imperial Navy Academy Capsuleer Candidates this weekend, be back later.

/s/ Max Singularity


Heretic Singularity your lies and attitude akin to self-importance impress no-one but the lunatics among the Godless empires.

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Ilan Ardishapur, I am heartily disappointed by your support of a noble pretender like Vaari.

True Amarr, which I will remind you Vaari is not, have a responsibility to uphold the present Empress in all matters. Such defamation as Vaari presents has no place among the holders. For to be True Amarr, or to aspire to serve the Dominion of Holy Amarr, requires that all faithful recognize the tenets of the faith and temper their fervor and zeal with a core of steel. Vaari has spoken of Catiz in a way which is far from the restraint or esteem of a man worth following.

Shathol’Syn has been observed, and Holy Empress Catiz is our regent. Jamyl, God rest her, was touched by a corruption that all who served her came to recognize. Whether that corruption was weakness of the psyche or the influence of some outside force has not been established, but even my fellows at Hedion University whispered in the halls of it. I’ve heard at the end she favored the company of drones over that of her counselors. Empress she was. Empress she is no more, and Max is right in his standing to speak freely. He has the station for it.

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